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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Any snowboarders out there????

If so, what do you think? Hopefully my snowboarding son will not think his mom is ready for the looney bin! :) I ran across this pattern on Knitty the other day, and thought (perhaps) it would be perfect for my son. We'll see..... If nothing else it will be an entertaining moment when he opens the gift come Christmas morn. He will be "home" for Christmas, so I will see his reaction - good or bad!
I think it is an ingenious design - knit all in one piece - no seaming needed. A little crochet around the face opening is the only finishing work necessary. And, quite a fun little project. The pattern is Antifreeze by Jenna Adorno. I chose a nice sedate charcoal Cascade 220 superwash. The only stress that I felt was the concern that I would run out of yarn. I have about 3 yards left over. Whew........ (The little hole that you see in the 2nd photo above the ribbing is an opening for the helmet straps to slip through - although I doubt that he wears a helmet - I put them there just in case. I can always close them up if he so wishes. )And, as promised, photos of the completed Talullah's Hearts by Jorid Linvik. I really like these and the fit is just perfect for me. While most of her designs do not, this one does have a thumb gusset, which I prefer. I lengthened the cuff area a bit, but other than that they are knit per the pattern.
You will notice the two mittens do not technically match. The chart had two different designs on it, and I chose to make one of each, rather than have an asymmetric mitten, as was intended. I like them this way, actually! These were knit with one skein of Claudia Handpaint fingering weight for the darker yarn (colorway: "Donna's Favorites"), and Knitpicks Bare Merino fingering for the off-white. On Pony Pearls (yay!) 2.5mm.

Not sure what's up next. DH grabbed the final hat that I had knit for my son's gift box, just a basic gray hat, and actually would like another just like it. So - perhaps another gray hat will find it's way to my needles later this afternoon. I knit during BG's nap times, and since there is snow that also needs my attention today...... we'll see......

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