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Saturday, February 21, 2009

One down, one to go.

The first "test" pattern is completed. It was a fun knit! I had forgotten how much fun lace is (well, a little bit of lace anyway! vbg). No lace shawls for me anytime soon.

The pattern is called "Devil's Snare" by Erica Lueder. My photo does not begin to show the pretty lace pattern - but I am sure she will have nice photos available on her blog/website eventually. It is a very well written pattern. I tried to knit them as though I had never knit a sock before - taking nothing for granted. Great job, Erica! I would recommend this one - even for a sock novice. When I went to her blog for linking purposes, I see that she has the pattern available - free! It's a good thing!!!

I will be starting her other pattern soon. It's entitled "When Worlds Collide". It always amazes me how these creative people come up with such titles and "stories" behind their patterns. Course, my only pattern is "Glittens"....so unique and cleaver - no?! LOL!

Take care.....

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