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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This n That.....

BG and I ventured out yesterday...for a fun day of shopping. The boy is a natural! He's getting so that he can pick out what toy he wants. (It's probably a genetic thing....his momma was always gifted at shopping too!). It was a hit in the store, and it continues to fascinate him. Course, Grandma purchased one of her all time favorite things too:Yes, dish towels. (I know, I am so simple it's sad!) For some reason, I have always enjoyed buying, giving, receiving, and using pretty new dish towels. So today, both BG and I are quite happy with our new possessions.

When BG's momma was a baby, my mom made her a pieced flannel blanket for a little doll. It was small - only about 18" square in total size. She quickly ditched the doll, but the blankie was a total keeper. There was a succession of blankies to come.....which were numbered. Blankie 1, 2, etc.... (I would probably embarrass my daughter if I told you she still had one under her pillow, so I won't mention that.) Anyway...... These are the flannels that my mom will use to make great grandson, BG a little security blankie. I know the quilters out there will shudder at my fabric/color selection.....but we wanted a "boyish" blanket. The jungle print will be the back, and the others will be cut into little squares. Most are remnants of receiving blankets that I made when he was a newborn, but the yellow monkey print is new. I think mom was pleased when I asked her to make one of her much loved little blankies again. It' s a nice feeling to be needed and appreciated.

And to answer a few questions.....
Elaine asked me about the sock wrappers in the previous post. (I hope you can read the content). click on it for a slightly larger version.I just print them out (landscape wise) on the back side of photo paper. For some reason I prefer the back side - it looks "rustic" I guess. I made the design up in "Publisher". Nothing very unique or cleaver, but I think it adds a nice touch. It also gives the recipient care instructions which I think is good. I bring in a little clip art -- easy as pie! If I am making them without a specific person in mind, then I state the size (ladies- med, or mens-small, etc) On these the size is listed as "perfect". vbg. One can hope anyway!

Yes, Dorothy, you really must give Opal a try. You'll understand when after years of wear and tear, they are still like new! The only yarn I would ever use for my son's socks, that's for sure.

No, Kay, I am not a convert to Circs! LOL.... I love my DPNS too much for that!

And while I thank Jean for the welcome to the world of socks on circulars, I hope it's ok if I just visit from time to time. I doubt that I'll be buying a house there anytime soon. :)

And one last thing.... Sofee hid this in her bed the other day. Mechanical pencils used to be her favorite thing to chew up when she was a puppy.....2nd only to wooden DPNS. And, I hate to mention it, but I currently have a missing Harmony wood DPN! I've patted down all of her beds, and so far she's innocent (till proven guilty). She's never outgrown her obsession for Kleenexes, but I thought we were over pointy objects!!!! Sigh..... ( Not to worry though - She doesn't really consume anything - the chewed up eraser was also in her bed. And she's never swallowed the dpns...just turns them into toothpicks)

Better get back to "Erica's socks". I have one completed - I had hoped to finish the pair by TNKG, but not going to happen I am afraid.......
Take care -

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