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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some pretties....

How is this for beautiful?! My dear hubbs gave me this gorgeous orchid for Valentine's day! I may need to do some care-research, as I have never owned one before, but it certainly is a thoughtful gift. Just "my color" too. Does anyone have any experience with orchids that you would like to share?

Last weekend at the retreat, Erica aka Dreams in Fiber, asked me if I would like to test knit a couple of patterns for her. (She belongs to our Thursday night knitting group, and I think perhaps her creative side could no longer tolerate my plain vanilla socks - knit of commercially self-striping yarn.) LOL! But - for whatever reason, I was thrilled to accept the offer. So....last Thursday evening, I brought home these beauties. Two beautifully formatted patterns and two beautifully dyed skeins of Merino Sock yarn. Kona yarn, with attached coordinating stitch markers. Apparently she includes the stitch markers with the yarns she sells on her Etsy shop - nice touch, I think! I am to the toe of my latest self- striped socks, so I will no doubt be winding and casting on one of these new test socks later today. I am excited to start a more challenging sock (and with such gorgeous yarn), but.....I may just keep a little vanilla number going in the background. I think they are good "Grandma knitter" projects. Easy pick up and put down (if you know what I mean).

After a couple tease days of spring, we are back to winter here. We had a snow storm that brought over 7 inches of snow yesterday, and caused havoc on the roads. The news reports over 300 accidents on the street of Des Moines proper yesterday. I know BG's ride home was exceptionally long, and stressful for his momma. In his usual good temper, he faired well and was patient and quiet. Such a good little guy....... :)

Hope everyone has a nice Valentine's Day!

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