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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The latest Vanilla Opals are completed. I had them earmarked for a certain recipient....and while I fell in love with them, and wanted to keep them for myself, they will be gifted. But I WILL knit another pair - just for me. This is an older Opal "Fantasie 1912). I tried to order 3 more skeins, as a couple of my TNKG (Thursday night knitting group) wanted a skein also. But, sadly, they (Simple Sock Co) had only one skein remaining in their sale bin. So, I am going to be very selfish (sorry guys) and keep it for myself.

I dubbed these the "Blue jean socks". (I am so creative, aren't I???) Over the years, I have knit tons of socks out of Opal yarns. This is the first skein that I have ever encountered that had a break/knot in it. The stripe pattern was simple enough that I could relocate where it needed to connect, so no problem. You hear about breaks in so many other sock yarns.... (Noro comes to mind) but this is a first for me and Opal. When BG gets up from his morning nap, we will be off to the post office. The middle package is will be going to New Mexico for the snowboarding son, and the small package on the right contains 6 pairs of socks for CIC. (Perhaps I will do better next time. I didn't get those 12 done - my "unofficial" goal. Sigh....)

And, speaking of boxes..... See....those are circular needles there. No DPNS! No box for me...no sireeeee! (vbg) Actually it is a very pretty lace panel down the front of the sock, but the photo does not begin to do it justice. Erica's pattern also uses a "Modified Slip-stitch heel" that gives a different, and quite lovely look to the heel of the sock.

It's been quite a while (a good LONG while, actually) since I knit a lacy pair of socks. I must admit that I am enjoying it quite alot. Her pattern is written for 2 circs, although it could easily be adapted to DPNS. I had her blessing to do so, but I figured if I was to truly "test" her instructions....well using cirs would be the best way. Besides....it's good for my brain to occasionally get out of it's rut, r...., groove.

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