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Thursday, March 19, 2009

As the week's gone by.......

Well, ten days ago, on my last post, I mentioned that up next might be a sweater. Well - that was the plan. I wish I had something to show you......

Two years ago, on a trip to Scotland, after a very interesting tour of the facility, I purchased a bag (10 skeins per bag) of each of these colors of DK wt yarn.
I was short on time, so I grabbed and ran. I really didn't know much about this yarn - yardage for one thing, but my plan was to combine the two colors into a sweater.
This was the only label, the only information on the bag. The listed website didn't give much more information, but recently I found this yarn listed on Ravelry!!!! (Yes, I know - it's a wonderful place!) I now know the suggested gauge and yardage...... so thought now is the time....and I would whip up something cute.

Ahhh Hemmm. I spent the better part of last week starting and frogging. Many times! I now have a gauge swatch (washed and dried) and all the yarn back in the skeins and back in the bags. Soooooo frustrating. I just don't know what I want to do with it. Combining two colors of yarn, is not easy. I guess I am just not creative enough....... :( I do know that the yarn is VERY durable and withstands tons of abuse with no apparent consequences. And, the washed gauge swatch is nice and soft, although the unwashed yarn is somewhat utilitarian. I actually think it will make up into a very nice sweater if I can only decide on an appropriate pattern. Any suggestions would be welcome.

So...... I started a pair of good old vanilla Opals. And, I am embarrassed to post yet ANOTHER finished pair of them. Those of you that blog, do you sometimes find yourself adjusting your knitting projects so that you will have something of interest to blog about? I think that is how I am feeling right now, which is not good. Knitting should be all about the enjoyment that I get from it. I shouldn't feel guilty if I am enjoying plain Jane socks. But I admit that I do. So.... those of you not wanting to partake in boring socks....you have my permission to scoot right along........
These are "Jakob" colorway from one of the Rainforest collections. Not as bright in color as the photo portrays. It's sunny out today, and I think my color meter is a little skewed.
And these will be done very soon. These are vintage Opal, a petticoat colorway. These will go to my mom....my biggest sock fan.

And, while I am using up my stash of older Opal yarns, I must admit that I am also replenishing the stash with new colorways.
These are three of the new "Memories" collection. I also ordered a skein of Noro Silk Garden Sock with this order, but come to find out, it had been listed as being available by error. The Noro yarn will be for me, but one reason why I am stuck on Opals is for the durability. Machine washing and drying is important for giftable socks.....at least for my family members it is. Lovely, soft, handpaints are gorgeous, but just not durable enough for my needs right now.

On another note, I took the old body in for the yearly maintenance check up earlier this week. I have to admit that I am getting tired of some chronic aches and pains that I have been living with. So.....I have a physical therapist appt later this month to address chronic neck pain. I must admit that I am looking forward to it. My son gave me a bit of a lecture about "living with it" when he was home at Christmas. He is a physical therapist and, well, sometimes the parent becomes the child, and just needs to quietly listen to reason.

BG is down for his nap right now, and when he gets up, we are headed for "The Learning Post", an educational toy store. Grandma has a 20% off coupon! He's quite a good shopper!!!

edited a few hours later.....
"Come on Grandma..... I'm ready to go!"

"And look what we brought home!"

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