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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

In the workings.....

Marguerite suggested that I consider knitting my Scottish wools into a Gansey. I am doing some brain storming!! In "Knitting Ganseys", Beth Brown-Reinsel suggests that you knit a small sampler sweater while learning the various techniques that she teaches in her book. I have done so, and actually learned a great deal. Now if I just had a Teddy Bear with a very skinny neck!

I am going to start doing some swatching of the wool soon. I am a little concerned that there is too much tweediness to make it a good choice of this type of sweater. But for now, I am having a good time trying to come up with the proper combination of stitch patterns and color placement.

I received quite a few great suggestions after my last post....thanks to you all. I may very well be exploring other suggestions before I figure out what to do with this yarn!

I also recently completed one mitten. This is an original pattern by Erica, that she graciously shared with those of us knitting together on Thursday nights. The yarn has enough color variation that it really does not show the stitch pattern very well, but it uses a very nice fisherman's stitch pattern. Nice yarn, also. It's one of the skeins that I received as a door prize at our "Knit In".

My assumption is that the pattern will eventually be available on her blog and on Ravelry, but will have to update you later for sure.

We've been having rain the last few days, and I am pleased to say that our yard is greening up quite nicely. My tulips are poking through the ground a bit, and my next door neighbor's crocus are in bloom. By golly - I do believe spring is coming after all! Now, if the economy would start to turn around, all (or a great deal anyway) would be right with the world....... Keep the faith!

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