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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Restlessly waiting........

I am being the proverbial watch pot today. Regular readers will remember that I have been nursing a bad case of Contact Dermatitis. Almost 3 weeks now, and I thought we were on the final stage to recovery. Today I woke up to new lesions....on my FACE!!! Needless to say, my doctor received a phone call this morning, and I am now waiting to hear about an appointment with a dermatologist. I was just told by the scheduler that it would be mid July. (She's going to see if she can do any better.) I tried so hard to be nice...I really did! I know this emergency is not an emergency to anyone else, but JULY!!!!

Ok, rant over. Thanks for listening. I hate when bloggers rant. Please forgive me.

On to happier topics....

I am knitting with linen for the first time ever. This is the hand towel pattern from the first Mason Dixon book. It calls for Euroflax linen. I was forewarned that it would be stiff and nasty to work with, but (supposedly) it will wash up, soft and fluffy.....and make a nice hand towel. We'll see. And, my spindle has been buzzing again. This time it's a painted BFL roving that I received several years ago in the same secret pal gift. (thanks KellyD). Another little skein. Hmmmm....perhaps I need to start knitting for gnomes, all these little skeins of yarn. Again, just trying to test the waters and practice drafting. Look at that dime... (that's what REAL spinners seem to do). The consistency is really poor, some fats, some thins, but perhaps my next attempt will be better.

Oh...and for a happy (somewhat) ending, I just received another phone call from the scheduler. I have a dermatologist appt tomorrow morning.

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