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Monday, June 22, 2009

Wha happened????

Over the weekend, "BG" aka Baby Garrett.....
Changed into "BG" aka Big Guy! Talk about a make-over!! WOW! It was a fitting transformation for father's day weekend, however. He looks even more like his daddy now.

My mom's birthday is in July. She is my biggest sock fan, if you will remember. She has a fondness for "off-white with little specks of color" and also short socks. So....I thought I would try a pair of "footies" this time. Actually I am working on the 3rd one now, as the first had an error in the lace pattern. I had worked on them during my Thursday knitting group time, and lace and chatting just does not work for me. You'd think I'd learn eventually..... It's a colorway by Lisa Souza colorway called Pipplesnips, just a touch of color. The pattern is "Footies" by Louise M. I have had it for several years, but I imagine it is available on Ravelry. Seems everything is!! I also like short socks, and may knit up a pair of these for myself. They are quick, fun, and pretty comfy.

Last Valentine's day, my DH gave me an orchid. I am thrilled to share with you another bloom!Only one bloom this time, but I was thrilled to have that happen. I know nothing about caring for orchids, and the information I have read seems to make my head spin. Fluctuations in night time temperatures, exact amount of light, humidity and watering techniques..... just too much for me to handle.

So, after the initial blooms died, I just set it in a window and hoped for the best. Total beginner's luck!! And..... What may be even more exciting....these are buds on a plant that my daughter got for her birthday back in October. She gave me the plant to care for, and again....that same window sill. I'll post another photo of this once it's in full bloom, before I let my daughter take it back home to enjoy. Orchids are amazing.....the blooms last for a great long time. I hope my beginner's luck holds out. I imagine I will eventually have to transplant them, etc..... We'll see.....

And, summer is here. Heat and humidity in Iowa is stifling this week. I am starting the count down till Fall. Winter even. Anything but this sauna. But...we aren't flooding, tornadoes have not landed on our house, so I guess I shouldn't complain. Later this afternoon, I think we'll try out the pool. We may have to go back to the store and get a larger model....not much room for grandma in this one!

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