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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This and that.....

Folks have recently asked about Sofee, and how she likes having BG around so much. Well....you know the reputation Chi's and little kids have. Sofee has read the book! (Herky on the other hand is writing a new chapter!) As BG becomes more mobile, more persistent, more curious..... Sofee usually heads for a far corner of the house.
Except, that is, at meal times. Then she positions herself near his highchair, on guard..... With all the finger food becoming flying/floor food - I hardly think the scales would say 4.2 LBs right now!

I finished mom's footies. I hope she likes them. I certainly do! I started a pair for myself out of left over yarn. Not at all sure that I will have sufficient yardage. Time will tell..... Remind me - it's the process, right? And, now that BG is such a Big Guy, he had to join The Brotherhood Of The Remote. You know every guy has to have one. It may make life easier if he has his very own. :)I am such a sucker for kid's toys. They are so amazing ....compared to what was available when my kids were little. Bells, Buttons, Lights, Music!...... makes a grandma's head spin!!!

Too bad yesterday's torrential rains pretty much ruined all my flowers. I shot this yesterday afternoon. Gorgeous color, I think....my very favorite!
Enjoy....whatever makes you happy!

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