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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is this Iowa, or Idaho???

There is sort of a running joke.....often times people say, "Oh yeah....Iowa, where the potatoes come from". No....that's Idaho. We have corn! Well, our backyard could be in Idaho. No corn back there, but a bumper crop of potatoes this year. The plants popped through the ground with record speed this year, and have grown and done so well. DH started digging them last weekend, as he predicted a great harvest this year - one to be shared. They are usually not ready to be dug till much later in the season. Hmmmm....wonder what state claims green bean fame? The rabbits ate about half of our plants this year, but we still have way too many beans to keep up with. We are sharing those also, plus luckily BG LOVES grandpa's green beans!! He is such a good eater...loves the healthy stuff so far too!

This roving:Became these singles:Which when plied together became this yarn:(This skein may be a little over-plied. I feel a bit like Goldilocks....this one is too loose, this one is too tight.....hopefully the NEXT one will be "just right"!)
But it may become a pair of short socks/footies! Not sure yet, but leaning that way.

I should have a finished project knit out of handspun to share with you in a couple of days. I am so enjoying this whole spinning gig! Trying to guess what a roving will produce is quite entertaining also.

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