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Thursday, July 09, 2009


All dried and ready to knit up! I have no idea what I am going to make out of this yarn, but I really want to knit with it. The larger skein is the one that I plied first, and didn't put enough twist in it, so it is a little looser. I think it is still ok to knit with, however. I have 488 yards of it. It's soft and squishy! Superwash Merino. The 2nd skein is actually better, as I plied it a little more aggressively. I have 340 yards of it. (Wouldn't you know....fewer yards of the better one.) Actually, I thought the skeins were going to come out the same....surprise! I obviously did not divide the first roving into two equal parts.
I am not sure, but this is probably a sport/dk weight. There are still long color repeats, and it's probably not "my" color....so not sure I will be that excited with the finished knit-up project, but all hand-spinners rave about knitting with your own hand-spun yarn. So.....I am anxious to give it at try.

By way of explanation, for those non-spinners (if any of you are still reading my blog)..... You first spin what are called "singles". You can use your yarn at that point...or choose to ply it together with another single (or multiple singles) to make what is usually looked on as a stronger, more durable yarn. After the plying process, you then "sett" the yarn by washing it or soaking it in hot water, rinsing, and drying. (think Blocking). The setting process makes the fibers relax, and be happy in their new form. Also, it fluffs the fibers up a little...softens the yarn and makes the spinner very happy! Hope that explained it accurately. Such a novice that I am, but I have received a few questions......

I promise I will have a finished knitted project to share with you next time I post. Promise! So...if you never hear from me again, you'll know I'm still spinning and not knitting...... But never fear, I'll be having a good time!!!

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