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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Just spinning my wheel(s).....

It's been a week since I last posted to this blog. I would really like to show you a completed Aran Sweater, socks, or at least a completed mitten/hat set. But.....I have nothing to share on the knitting front. I am still working on the Bella mittens (or should I say the project that is being neglected is the Bella mittens).

I am totally obsessed with spinning right now.....I will admit. As DH said "Sofee, I've created a monster!". I spin every free moment. (Knitting is a little more convenient, I will admit.)

Tomorrow, I should have some completed yarn to share with you. It's not a knitting project, I know, but at least it proves that I am not totally worthless. And, I do intend to knit with it....so, it's close to a knitting project.

I purchased these two rovings from Erica (Dreams in Fibers). After I spun the first one up, I realized that I had not divided the roving strips enough - and that I was going to have very long color repeats in the finished yarn. So, I spun up the 2nd roving, and decided to ply them together. It's all a big experiment and learning process at this stage, so what can it hurt? Right.... The resulting yarn is hanging outside drying right now. If you are interested, please come back tomorrow to see the photos. The LYS's have nothing to fear by my ability to spin yarn, but everything I do is such a learning experience right now. It's actually pretty darn exciting!!

And, I leave you with a flower stem. It's a Hosta. Hostas seem to be valued for their foilage, but I personally think their blossoms are so pretty!!!

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