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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some close, and others reopen....

The "rustic" shawl is finished. Those of you that are on Ravelry (who isn't??) may find it in my projects listed as "my kinda shawl". That just about says it all. I actually think I may use this one. Will look terrific with blue jeans, and it's long enough in the front that I can tie the corners. Quite a fashion statement I'll be! LOLI made a matching pair of mittens for BG - matching his handspun hat, (that he may or may not ever wear). Well, the mittens (or mitts - as they are thumbless) were a big hit. He is all about clapping right now - and playing patty-cake. The mitts enhance that experience, and he thinks its quite humorous. Hmmm - perhaps he just thinks I am humorous! I spun the first 2 oz of the oatmeal bfl up.....as an experiment. It's soft, lofty, squishy, quite beautiful actually. A great fiber to work with! I still want to practice my spinning before I start in on the large amount reserved for the sweater however. I was trying for a ww, and I think the majority of it is just that. But - some areas are thinner, and some are thicker. I was actually doing that a bit on purpose, as I spun - testing the results. I think the next attempt will be more consistent. My knitting priority will be more sets of hats/mittens for CIC's current challenge. I planned to call it quits, content with the 4 sets that I had made. But there was a recent plea for help. The original goal was for 100 sets, and they feel they are falling far short of that. So...I grabbed some ww from my stash and started in again. They go quickly, and I really enjoy knitting mittens. The hats are not as enjoyable for me, but it's a worthy cause. My new goal is 10 sets. I am finishing up the 7th set now, so I think I can make it. Perhaps I should up the goal...... ?? For the mittens I used the "No Swatch, No Gauge Mittens" pattern and this is the "Hurricane Hat", both of which can be found on Ravelry.

Sofee and I are off to the veterinarian's office now. She needs her rabies shot. She is quite uncomfortable with her seasonal allergies again. While I have started her on meds, she seems to be having more issues with her eyes this year - more than normal. He predicted that each year would be a little more difficult for her. They are predicting an early frost here in Iowa. While my apologies go to all the Iowa farmers, I hope they are right!

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