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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Call me a bird brain....

But I really like birds. Probably due to the fact that my dad raised homing pidgeons when I was a child, and I spent many many hours at his elbow. I even had a pet pidgeon...."Pidge". (No, not very creative child.) Anyway.... DH, Sofee and I just returned from a little trip down to Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, just North of St. Joseph, Missouri. We usually try to get a fall trip in, as the last of the road trips till Spring. This visit was no disappointment. The mounds are caused from muskrat activity. Great sunning places for the birds. We saw quite few bald eagles, but I was not able to get any good photos. I was manning the camera this year....practicing for when Santa brings me a new one soon. These two bald eagles were just hanging out. Sort of a nice photo, silhouetted against the evening sky. When an eagle would soar too closely, this is what would happen....and the noise that was audible, very "other-worldly". Thousands and thousands of snow geese. Obviously the refuge is on their migration path. It's just an awesome sight. We saw quite a few pelicans and trumpeter swans also. Breathtaking!

We also stopped at my favorite fiber store, The YarnBarn in Lawrence, Kansas. That is where I bought my loom years and years ago. They are also the folks from whom I recently purchased my spinning wheel. They have a very nice store! We also stopped by the City Market in Kansas City. It's a great outdoor/indoor "farmer's market" with great prices and a very eclectic atmosphere. So...a nice little fall get-away. Oh...and Sofee..... She loves the Drury Inn. She can be a princess wherever she is! She travels very well - have bed will travel.

Awaiting for me when we returned was this lovely fiber. It's the fist installment of the FatCat's Mixed Blessing fiber club. Two 2.5 oz Merino braids. They are meant to be spun separately and plied together. I joined this club just to push myself into new colors. I totally love these, although there is no way that I would ever have chosen them for myself.

Actually joining the AllSpunUp SAL, sight unseen, was for the same reason. I just LOVE this yarn. I posted a photo of the singles on the bobbins in a recent post. Those three bobbins produced these three skeins of yarn. A nice worsted weight - 505 yards. Not sure what I will make, but it will be warm and squishy, whatever it is. A hooded scarf perhaps??? We'll see......
I think my consistency is getting better. I am not a very scientific spinner.....I just do what feels right and enjoy the process. It's a total no-stress activity. I will probably never win a blue ribbon for my spinning efforts, but then since I will never try for one, guess that's ok. :)

And the "forever" stocking has monopolized my entire day today, but progress is being made. I am now on piece number 46 - out of 113. Sigh..... "forever" is supposed to mean that BG will keep it forever, but perhaps it just means it will take me forever to make it! LOL. That's ok...I wanted to make a stocking for him. It will be worth it, once it's all done. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.......

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