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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sofee and I had a photo shoot today.....to show off her new Christmas sweater. She needed another long sleeved sweater, as in allergy season, those cuffs will get turned down and act as a barrier against chewing on her front legs. Until then, the sweater will be for warmth only - as needed. She much prefers warming disks and fleece blankets these days. :)

It is knit out of a Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn from my stash. I used 2.5mm dpns. A pattern of my own design, but obviously I could/should have lengthened it a little. I contemplated frogging and starting the "tail end" over, but chose not too. I hope to make her yet another sweater before next summer. I want to make one out of a cotton blend - cooler for her.

A couple of days ago, I finished spinning/plying this yarn. It is from the two braided rovings that I received in the November shipment of the FatCats Mixed Blessing Fiber Club. If you will remember, the idea is to spin and ply the two different colorways together. I admit that I have NO color-sense. So, I totally did as I was told. How's that for a color mixture!! I am going with blind faith on this one folks.......

But this morning, I started my mittens, and actually I am quite pleased with them! I am using Elizabeth Zimmerman's "recipe" for mitered mittens. I elongated the cuff area, and modified them to have a thumb gusset. But so far, I am quite smitten with them. If my plans go as hoped.....???.....I should have a matching/complementary partner mitten too. We'll see. If not, that's ok too. All's good with this spinning gig too.

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