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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Touching base.....

Well, the Holidays are nearing closure. Hope you all had a great celebration.....safe and happy!
Ours has been great fun so far. Little man made it for us this year! Only had our son been home would it have been even better.
Hope every surprise was a joyful one! Santa came to grandma's house a day early, as he was afraid the reindeer might have problems on ice and snow..... But it wasn't quite as bad for us as the weather forecasters had predicted. But that's ok. We still had our family gift exchange on the 24th. And our Christmas dinner will happen on the 28th actually. I wait till other family segments are finished, and everyone is "free". It works well that way - it's almost a tradition for us actually.

My DH Santa gave me a new camera! It's a Canon Powershot SX20 IS. Luckily for me, it does pretty will when used as a "point and click" camera. I hope to learn more functionality, but for now, I am mostly experimenting. It has a long range zoom capability.....This guy was WAAAAYYYYY out in our back yard. I shot this thru the patio glass. Not too bad.
And of course, I have been using my favorite little pooch as a subject. Night lighting needs a little work, I guess. And then there are the close up shots of fiber..... Speaking of fiber....My son sent these lovely rovings. Three are superwash Merino, and one is BFL. They are FatCat fibers. Not sure what they will become, but I certainly look forward to spinning them.

Speaking of spinning, I did start spinning the December FatCat Mixed Blessing Fiber Club selection. These are so gorgeous, but I just can't bring myself to ply them into one yarn. So, I will keep the colorways separate. They may eventually be knit into the same garment, or perhaps not.....time will tell.

OH....and I must tell you of the most unusual Christmas gift I received.
These balls.....When one is dropped into this container of hot water"Blooms" and makes delicious tea! As I know tea is becoming more and more popular, perhaps this is not an oddity to most of you, but I had NEVER heard of this before. My DD and SIL gave this tea to me. They were purchased from Teavana. This tea is a peach, but my DD and I plan to do some shopping soon, and I may try some other flavors.

I actually have a couple of knitting projects finished, but no photos yet..... (oh good - more photos needed!). So, I'll be back in a few days with those. 'Till then.....

we're off to explore the world.....on wheelsl!! Grandpa, get the paint and paintbrush ready......

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