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Monday, December 28, 2009

New Record!

For December snowfall in Des Moines, Iowa.....not any new record for knitting projects. (But, I do have a couple to share....) But, back to that snowfall. Officially we had 27 inches of snow in the month of December. Guess that's an all-time new record for December. I must say that our road crews have done a terrific job with the streets! Travel in town has not been too bad. Most unfortunate that so many of them will be laid off after the first of the year (budget cuts you know)....but that's a different blog topic all together. Sigh.....

So...knitting... ahhhh yes..... Some of you may have seen these items on Raverly, as I posted them yesterday. So my apologies if this is repetitive....The mitered cowl which I knit to go with the mitered mittens. I just made up the pattern for the cowl, and unfortunately have since lost my notes. Not good.... but easy to wing it again if needed I guess. I gradually evened out the "points" on the chin line of the cowl, as they were turning out and looking like a clown collar. Not a good look for me. vbg. I like it now though.

And as long as I am playing with my new camera:This next item was somewhat of a surprise, even to me. I had intended to knit a hooded scarf with this yarn, but on the spur of the moment, grabbed a commercial pattern for this Wimple at my LYS. Our TNKG was having our Christmas gathering there, and on the way out this pattern snagged a ride home with me. I REALLY like it! I am not a hat person, and seems the older I get, the less I like cold winter weather. This year there has been so much snow fall!! Well, this is the answer for me. No "hat hair" after wearing either. It makes a huge drapey cowl around your neck, but pulls up to make a cozy hood! The yarn is light and soft. The pattern calls for a sport/dk weight yarn. This handspun is actually a worsted weight, but it is very airy and lofty yarn. So very light weight. Anyway, I think it came out just perfectly! The pattern is a Mountain Colors pattern, the name of which is "Lauren's Whimple". The yarn is a Falkland fiber. Fast becoming one of my favorite fibers out there. Probably not quite as soft as Merino, but very close and nice and squishy!

Speaking of fibers, this yarn is spun from a mystery fiber actually. I purchased 6 oz of this the same day I bought my wheel. They could have sold me ANYTHING that day.....I was so excited. Course, I really didn't know what I was buying anyway. The receipt calls it Rom/BL, so I would assume a cross, probably not very soft. I just spun it up as a quick spin....wanted practice doing a 3-ply. I was shocked to discover that after a nice bath, it turned out to be a very nice, soft worsted weight yarn. Approx 360 yards. Not sure what I will do with it yet, but certainly will knit it into something. I love the natural color.

In a couple of days there will be another FO, and more yarn to share. But....must get back into the kitchen now. Just taking a quick break from cooking/baking duties. It's officially Christmas dinner at my house today. Take care.....

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