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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ol' Man Winter....

we are sorry....whatever it was that we did!
Please...give us a break!

Personally, we are doing ok...no long term power outage or anything, but it really is getting old. Many people here in central Iowa are without power, and even though power crews from neighboring states have come to our rescue, predictions are several days out before everyone is restored.

Record snow fall, record low temps, ice storms..... Spring! Perhaps if we all start chanting it....Spring! Spring! Spring!

My friend, Shirley, asked me today if there was any part of the US that was having decent weather. My sister living in Northern Idaho tells me they are having a mild winter. Hmmm....I don't snore, and I don't eat much, well not THAT much. Wonder if she'd take me in if I showed up on her doorstep?? Sofee is lobbying for Texas. Sigh.....

This is a nice springy yarn/color. It's one of the the FatCatKnits roving that my son gave me for Christmas.
175 yards of worsted weight. BFL is the fiber, which is one of my personal favorites. Nice and soft, squishy, and fun to spin.
Here it is in it's beginning form. This one isn't quite so much of a surprise, at least I don't think so. Sometimes it's just WOW...never would have guessed that!

Currently, I am finishing up a very BORING spin. DH wants a dark grey Thorpe (earflap hat) our of a soft merino yarn. So, I am spinning up a nice bulky weight. Nearly done with it, for which I am grateful. If there is one thing more boring than knitting with deep dark grey, it's spinning it.

So nice to be able to stay inside and play with nice wooly fiber though....in weather like this. So, no complaining here - even if it's a boring project.


KellyD said...

It seems just yesterday I mailed the drop spindle thinking "I wonder if she will like spinning...."
I guess I have my answer dont I?

Robin said...

Well,I've just finished catching up on the last umpteen posts on your blog. You've been busy! Absolutely love the naturals shades you've been working with and also the rusts. Grandson is precious as is Sofee! Take care and Happy 2010!