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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The call it "Hoarfrost". I call it gorgeous! It's prettier than the ice that we will have in a day or so. Yep - winter is back. I took these photos from my patio door - about 60 feet away. This new camera of mine is awesome. Wish I were talented enough to take full advantage of all it has to offer. Slowly, I am learning.

I am attending a knitting event this spring, in Minneapolis. "Yarn-Over". It has an outstanding collection of well-known instructors. There is a photography class offered also - how to photograph fibery goodies. I hope that I get into the class. I think I will know for sure in February. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

In the meantime, I'll do the best that I can. Certainly not the fault of the camera.

These three bobbins:Spun up into 500 yards, (worsted weight) of this nice warm, brown yarn:Sadly, the color is a little off, but patience is not my long-suit. It could be days before I get better light! It's Corriedale, so not as soft as a Merino yarn, but it is soft, squishy, and has a "durable" feel to it, which is sometimes lacking in a Merino. I hope that I can knit this into a garment - perhaps the yoke of a sweater (with a complementary solid brown perhaps?) We'll see. Wonder how my Oatmeal BFL would look with it?? Hmmmmm.....

The only knitting project that I have going right now is the Seaman's scarf that is my group's KAL project. I had planned on keeping it as a TNKG project only - not working on it except during that time. But....I am always reluctant to start another project with one already in progress. Hmmmm...perhaps a pair of socks for the little dude. I recently purchased some 50gm skeins of sock yarn for him. That sounds like a good project.

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