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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Send Help!!!

I've fallen into a pit.....
I have not knit a stitch since Wednesday of last week.  Oh.....I am so missing it, but  I HAVE to get this done!  With so much more left to do:
My own fault, procrastination never pays!  BG's enthusiasm helps during the week, but his willingness to "help" does not!

I knew I was in bad shape when my husband mentioned the possibility of a 2 day road trip, and my first thought was "Great!!! I can knit!".  (This is NOT a project for the road).  So....hope that trip happens, and soon!.  Also, I was watching a video podcast this morning (while working on the advent calender) and the gal showed a knitted baby bid, out of cotton.  I thought "WOW....I want to knit that!".  Yes...I am convinced that I am in knitting withdrawal, and in need of immediate help! 

But, while knitting and spinning are nonexisitant right now, stash enhancement remains.  If you will remember, I am on a red yarn kick, and these three braids will add wonderment to my collection. 
These are colorways "Covered Wagon", "Farmer Phil" and "Ranchero" all on VBFL fiber.  "Ranchero is a 6oz braid, the other two are 4oz each.  These are from FatCatKnits, probably my favorite dyer.  I like that most of her colorways are repeatable, and all are available on all of her fiber bases.  She has both 4oz and 6oz braids available.  Oh - and also, on her website, the different colors are shown on the different bases, which is very helpful as different fibers take colors differently.  Anyway, no....no connection to Ginny in any way, just a very happy and satisfied addict customer.  :)
This one is the Fall 2011 Club selection.  I am actually not a member, but occasionally she has extra skeins that eventually make it into her shop.  This is on BFL.  Lovely stuff, and will probably become colorwork "something" eventually.  5oz total. 

While I obviously am a procrastinator at times, happily it is not my normal nature.  Christmas gift buying is well unnderway at my house.  BG and I made a trip to TOYSRUS the other day.....(Santa needed some help, and BG was happy to accomodate.)  I know he always loves books, and Caillou is his favorite TV show (here at my house anyway.  He watches it daily while I fix his lunch). 
Yesterday, I stumbled across the Caillou books at B&N, each selling for $3.99, which is a bargain for a nice little book these days.  Then the clerk mentioned this box of the same books - for ......see that price!  Yep, a little less than $11, for 6 books!  Santa smiled all the way home!

Our kitchen will be measured for the new flooring tomorrow.  I still have not made final decisions, but we wanted to lock in a sale price, so the paper work has begun.  I think perhaps a deadline will help me decide!  I even have to decide on grout color! 


Dorothy said...

I can SO empathize with you because I am the Queen of Procrastination. I often give unfinished Christmas presents. But this year will be different. I'm keeping my projects modest and starting early! Lovely fibers. Maybe after Christmas I'll have time to start spinning again.

Monika said...

You've got a lot of time for your Advent calendar, don't panic! ;o)

I've spun Farmer Phil and Rancheros. I love Ginny's colorways too. I have even let Hello Yarn fiber club go, so I can buy fiber I really want! Can you imagine? :o)

I loved chosing tiles, and grout color. I had to work against the guy who we hired to organize it all. He had his likes, and styles in his head, and I knew what I wanted. It was hard for him to realize that it was MY house we were renovating. :o)))
Good luck to you! And hopefully you'll have a nice road trip soon.

(I had lost my knitting mojo last week too. For almost a week I didn't knit a stitch, but then I cast on with some handspun yarn, and now it's back!)

Jean said...

i'm sure you will find the time to knit soon. There are so many fun things to do for little children and so little time to get them done. A road trip is the perfect time to knit and spend some quality time with Sofee too, I remember she does rather well on these trips.

KnittySue said...

Oh my the colors of that future yarn is awesome. Thanks for the heads up on the books..I'll be by our store today and have to get that. Hope you get knitting time soon. Take care.

Judy S. said...

Talking about procrastination, I'm still knitting on something for Sophia's birthday...(August)! That's going to be a very cute calendar when you do get it finished and enjoyed for lots of years also, so hang in there. Love those fleece colors..can't wait to see em spun. Oh, and thanks about Cailou; our GK love him too.

Sherri said...

I had such a nice visit! Those trees are beautiful!
We love Caillou, too! That was a good deal!
I can't even imagine having to make all those decisions in remodeling. Both hubby and I are super slow.

Baby G is getting so big! I'm grammy, too, and it's my favorite word!

I wanted to tell you that a sweet little friend of mine who just got married and moved to Canada sent her mom in to buy some yarn so she could make "glittens" for her new family. Her mama is flying up there to visit her today and they planned to make them together!
She's made several pairs.

Jenn Brooks said...

Thirty days hath November. I'm sure the Advent calendar will get done. Does each ornament take a long time? My sister made one for each of my daughters last year. Here's why: the one she made for them when they were small was very prized and loved by my older daughter, and that child is now the mother of a three year old, who will be enjoying the new calendar this year. Talk about time hurrying on! So sew and enjoy, and I hope you reward yourself with progress with a little knitting.