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Monday, November 14, 2011

"It's a mitten for a GIANT!"

Yes, that's what BG said as I spread this giant mitten out for the photo.

He was quite excited at the prospect of a giant, actually....and didn't really understand the concept of felting at all.  Course, perhaps my explanation was lacking, as I  am not at all experienced.  I stressed the "HOPE" it will be the right size and not so giant when it's all said and done.  We'll see. 

The design is ingenious, as it's knit so that there are multiple layers of wool across the palm of the mitten and the thumb side.  So that area should be extra thick and extra safe for using as an oven mitt.
The back is only one thickness.  Ingenious!  I searched in Ravelry for felted oven mitt patterns, and this pattern is the best I could come up with.  I so hope they felt up to a proper size.  We'll see.

As you will recall, I have been working away on the Advent Calender, with few breaks. 
Sorry for the bad photo, but you can get the idea....I am almost finished!  I actually have 18 of the ornaments completed now.  So I allowed myself a bit of knitting.  I am going to try to get two Oven mitts done as a kind of Thanksgiving gift.  We'll see.  I'm covered on the Advent Calender till December 19th, if push comes to shove! 

Oh - and several people asked for photos of the "Christmas" cactus in full bloom.  It's getting close....
My daughter noticed the other day that the label on the pot calls it a "Holiday Cactus"....so perhaps this particular one is a Thanksgiving cactus???  Certainly will not be in bloom at Christmas time, but I'm not complaining.  I'm thrilled with it!

We managed a little road trip last weekend.  We went to Wisconsin.  Checked out the Duluth Trading company store, and discovered a few other treasures along the way.  Argyle Fiber Mill was a lot of fun.  I brought home some nice Alpaca/Islandic blend yarns.  Kristi, the owner had attended college in Iowa, and treated us like old lost buddies.  She was great!  The ShoeBox was indeed the largest shoe store I have ever seen.  What's more, it provided my husband (who wears a EEEE shoe) a wide (pun intended) variety of shoes from which to choose - all that FIT him!  Totally unheard of!!! 

So, guess I'll go try to felt this giant mitten.... I'll either make another one tomorrow, or get back to the Advent calender...... hoping for felting success. 


Lynn said...

I love the christmas cactus!! Or Thanksgiving cactus in your case!!! I really need to get one.....

Have fun felting your giant mitten!! LOL

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see the oven mitt! Maybe you will inspire me to make one.

Dorothy said...

Sending good felting mojo your way. I've not had great success with things that actually had to fit, but bags are no problem! Your cactus is beautiful! One of mine is in full bloom, the other is just starting and the third only has buds. Strange because last year they all bloomed at the same time - on Halloween. I can imagine in lower latitudes where there is more light at this time of the year they would probably bloom closer to Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I really like your Advent Calendar and know it will be worth all the work. The mitt will be great after it is felted and a nice gift.

Beautiful cactus plant, even though it couldn't until Christmas to bloom.