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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mittens....in July???

In my last post, I had just started on a little pair of mittens for charity.  Well, I've been just a tad obsessed with mittens, and have now completed 8 pairs. 
This is a better photo, but there were only 7 done at the time.
My stash of sock yarn scraps is running low
so, I was thrilled when this box:
arrived in the mail yesterday!  Dorothy wrote to me a week or so ago asking if I would like her sock yarn left-overs.  She had heard thru the cyber grape vine that I knit charity mittens out of them.  Actually, I had been thinking of knitting just that.....but her inquiry gave me the incentive to put my larger sweater project aside and start some knitting of mittens.  Doesn't everyone knit mittens when it's pushing 100 degrees outside?? 
I've started the process of winding each color into identical balls.  I am certainly going to enjoy all the new colors with which to work!  And there is one yarn that has sparkles!!  Should make great little mittens.  So...thanks Dorothy!  So very kind and generous of you.  :)

Our hot summer continues.  Thankfully, every day is one close to what must surely be cooler fall  weather - eventually.  We are trying to enjoy one of our summer favorites - while it lasts.  DH refuses to grow corn in his garden, as he hates to deal with the stalks that are left after harvest.  So, we always buy delicious corn on the cob from farmer's markets and roadside stands.  This year, the early crop is sweet and delicious, as normal, but apparently any more will not be as sweet or as large in size.  So, get it while you can is my motto.
I do feel so bad for the farmers, not only here in Iowa, but everywhere....this drought is so unfortunate. 

And, I have given up.  I surrender, I say "Uncle"......
This squirrel and I have done battle over my hanging fushia plant since I first planted it.  But, I know he just can't resist digging a deep hole in which to lay - in the cool damp dirt.  He just lays there - for hours.  It's SOOOOO hot out.  I will continue to keep it watered, but no longer in an attempt to save the plant.  Fresh water for the birds, and at least one cooling bed for a squirrel is the least I can do I guess. 


Judy S. said...

Great way to use up those scraps! It's not mitten weather here, but it sure has been unusually cool. The weather has really been crazy everywhere. That squirrel photo is amazing.

Marguerite said...

That squirrel looks hot! 102 here today. The small plants are looking dead and the larger bushes are starting to drop their dry leaves.

I really understand the mittens. It's too hot here to think about complicated knitting so I'm working on charity hats out of three strands of sock yarn. Soon it will be fall and the kids will need our warm projects.