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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

And so it goes.....

Summer continues.....but I won't bemoan the hot temps and dry conditions.  I'm sure all of you are either aware, or share in the discomfort.  Sigh.....  We do have some rain in the forecast, so keep your fingers crossed!

Speaking of discomfort, remember my furry friend:
He is now taking an evening shower when I water my flower beds.  The first time, he cautiously walked into the sprinkles of water.  Now he's a bit bolder, and he seems to enjoy getting soaked to the bone!  He seems to have abandoned his squirrel friends in his plot to stay cool in this 100+ degree weather we are having.  I've been putting out lots of water for all the creatures, but extra caution is needed where Sofee is concerned.  She had a close encounter the other evening with something....perhaps a possum - just not sure what it was, but it required me rescuing her from the hosta bed.  She and I both are being a little more careful with night-time potty trips.  I always go out with her, and stand near, but now she's on her leash.

These mittens are out drying.....4 pairs knit from the yarn Dorothy sent to me.  Added to these two:
That makes 6 pair from her yarns, added to the 8 I had already knit from my yarns scraps.....yes, you could say that I am in a rut!  14 pairs, and I'm really not tired of them yet.  I'm really enjoying working with "unknown" yarns, new colors, etc.  Oh, yes....and the sparkles!
Makes for a very pretty pair of mittens.  BG thinks they are quite nice!  We had a fun conversation about wearing mittens and building snowmen just yesterday.  Ahhhh......someday it will be cold again, I'm sure.....eventually!


Marguerite said...

Nice mittens. They'll keep many little hands warm next winter.

Missouristar said...

So glad you're making good use of the yarn. Those sparkles turned out especially nice. I'm going to be knitting with black sparkle yarn for the Ravellenics, so I'll be sure to send you the leftovers!

Laura said...


Very nicely done mittens. Which pattern do you use (or should I say 'did' since you can probably knit them in your sleep)? I seem to have a bit of a problem with the thumbs where they attach to the hand...I usually have a few holes which isn't very nice. I'd love to knit some for my grandkids though (7 of them at present, 4 boys and 3 girls).