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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

And the heat goes on.....

After a very small shower a few days ago, and temps in the 90's rather than the 100's, you could say nothing much has changed.....dry and hot here. The grass is golden, prickly spikes.  Even Sofee refuses to walk on it!  Even worse, the trees are showing severe signs of stress.  Leaves are cupping up and falling off.  Some lawns look like fall, covered with leaves from the trees.  Our trees are no better or worse than most, but it is worrisome.  Our trees provide nice afternoon shade for our house, and I would hate to lose them.  Guess we'll see what next year brings.

The garden is well....pretty much gone.  I bought zucchini squash the other day in the supermarket.  Usually this time of the year I am giving them away.  The plants set blossoms, but then they just fell off.  Pretty much the same with tomatoes.  Sad.  It's the hubb's hard work that has gone to waste, but I certainly miss the fresh veggies.

I was able to harvest a nice eggplant yesterday though, with several more on the same plant.  They seem to be able to handle the hot weather better than most plants.  Eggplant lasagna is a summer favorite for us.

There is one tomato plant that is trying oh so hard to keep us in tomatoes.  It is actually a potted plant rather than out in the garden.  It's sheltered a bit from the hot sun by the garage, and I think that is what has saved it.  Same situation with the eggplants - although those plants are in the ground, but  sheltered by the garage. 

I have managed to knit 12 pairs of mittens from Dorothy's yarn scraps.  Combined with some that I knit out of my own yarns - total is now 20 pairs.  I may knit 2 more pair - or perhaps not.  I must admit my mind is beginning to wander to other projects.  But it has been fun, and a worthwhile project.  Hopefully so anyway - it's hard to think that mittens will ever be needed again!

BG and I have a preschool get-acquainted picnic next week.  He is thrilled!  He has missed his preschool during this summer break.  He will be attending the same school this year, just in the 4yr old class rather than the 3yr old one.  There will be a few kids that will be returning students, like him, but most will be new friends.  I plan on volunteering quite a bit again this year.  I really do enjoy it, although I am grateful that only ONE preschooler goes home with me at the end of the class session!  :)

Stay cool, and hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics.  Go USA!!!! 


Judy S. said...

These weather patterns sure are crazy, aren't they? Here it's been so cool that normally easy growers are just sitting there. Cloudy and cool, that's us. Good job on all those mittens; they will be much appreciated, that's for sure. Hard to believe that back to school time is drawing close. My GS starts back mid-August. I've been enjoying the Olympics too.

Missouristar said...

Yes, what Judy says - she's not far from me. The buzz here is that it's supposed to get up in the 80's this weekend, although on the island we're usually about 10 degrees cooler. I do not envy you! Just love the little mittens! So glad all that sock yarn went for a good cause.