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Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I'm Done!
A couple of weeks ago, one of the gals at my knitting group asked me how many pairs of mittens I planned on making.  Without a great deal of thought, my answer was, "till the yarn is used up".  It was kind of an off the cuff response on my part, but it became a goal.  And, the nearer I got to two dozen pair, that became a goal too.  So....both happened this morning.  (The remaining yarn balls are very small - but will be saved as the beginning of another collection.)

This is what 24 pairs of little kid's mittens looks like:
I would estimate them fitting a 5-7 yr old child.  They are just a tad too large for BG, who is 4.  I must admit that they have been fun "potato chip" knitting.  Putting colors together has been fun, with oftentimes quite a surprise when the combination is knit up.  Some of the most questionable combinations have proven to be my favorite finished mittens.

Now I'll probably get back to the Dark and Stormy sweater for my DIL.  It's a nice pattern, but I am not at all sure of the fit.  Guess that concern is diminishing the entertainment level of the project. I do have some spinning that is calling to me also......  But going to try to be good - and return to the sweater. 

The Iowa State Fair is starting later this week.  The opening date of the fair always co-incides with the start of allergy season for Sofee.  I am anxious to see if our crazy weather will have an impact on the allergens in the air.  I am not sure, but I assume it's Ragweed that is the culprit.  Seems to be that anyway.  So far, she seems to be ok.  So far.....

Yesterday, BG and I went to the fair grounds and walked around.  It was a hustling bustling place, with all the "workermen" getting things set up.  We were able to purchase some fair food, see the butter cow, and even the mister sprayers were going, so we had a sneak-peek this year.  No lines....no elbows....(and no rides set up yet, which was ok with this grandma).


Nancy said...

Congratulations on a great collection of mittens!

Last week, I went to the County Fair - it seems to be earlier and earlier every year. Of course, it was HOT and the crowds were thick.

I feel for Sofee because my allergies have been flaring for over four months. I am TIRED of them.

Judy S. said...

Great job on all those mittens, Kathy! Some little kids are going to be very happy, and a lot warmer, this winter, thanks to you.

Marguerite said...

Great use of little yarn balls. So many pretty mittens. Really nice.

My allergies have picked up this week. I spend the first hour of the day blowing my nose. Sunny and Pappy are licking more, but nothing serious so far.