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Friday, September 07, 2012

And another thing....

I am perhaps the last person on Earth to knit the Piper's Journey shawl.  Now I know why it's so popular. 

It was such an entertaining project.  Four days of sheer knitting bliss.

I used Louet Gems yarn - 2 skeins that were buried deep, deep in my stash.  It had been waiting 5-6 years for some attention!  It's a Merino sport weight, very soft and drapey.  Waiting for the perfect project paid off. 

And, I started my Citron.  This is an oldie goldie pattern too.  Hmmm...always late to the party, I am!

If you will remember, I had spun a BFL/Silk blend into 930 yards of lace weight.  I have a good deal more completed now.  It's really lovely, but I don't think I will be dedicated to finishing it any time soon. 

I have a new sock KAL that I would like to do.  I actually purchased some self-striping yarn just for this KAL.  I haven't purchased any yarn in such a long time!  I've been so good!  :) 

Preschool started this week for BG.  I am once again volunteering - but pretty much full time this year.  I enjoyed it last year, and they needed the help, having lost one of their dependable volunteers from previous years.  BG seems to enjoy having me there.  He pretty much ignores me, but I sometimes here "GRANDMA!!!!" from across the room - sometimes to show me something, or sometimes wanting my assistance.  And, occasionally he'll just hunt me down in order to deliver a little snuggle for grandma.  These are the good times - they will be gone all too quick, although I think we will always be close.  Oh - I so hope that is the case anyway!!!!!


Judy S. said...

Nope, you're not the last one. I'd never seen this pattern before. Very pretty! I love the colors. Nice that you live close enough to BG to volunteer at his preschool. One of our GS just started, but he's in Chicago.....

KnittySue said...

Beautiful shawls, love the colors in your citron...I'm half done with mine in just a plain pink. School time already, summer went too fast, my oldest granddaughter is a senior this year. So glad your back.