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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pull up a chair.....just saying.....

I am so happy to tell you.....my DIL's sweater fit.  She is pleased!  I am happy!  She actually sent me a photo (quite lovely, I might add) but when asked, she declined making a cameo on my blog.  So....sadly I cannot share with you.  If I ever get the promised "better" photo, (and her permission), I'll be sure to post it.  Anyway - I'd call my efforts a success!!! 

Currently on my needles:
Sock number 3.  Yes, I had sock #1 completely finished, but I had made a regular stockinette sock rather than my normal 5/1 rib.  It fit perfectly, but I missed that extra big of snugginess that the ribbing provides.  So, I frogged it and started over.  Ahhh....much better.  This yarn is hand dyed merino/nylon blend by Desert Vista Dyeworks.  I hadn't purchased any hand-dyed sock yarn for quite some time, and fell down the slippery slope of a KAL on Knitabulls podcast.  Those coupon codes are killers!  Anyway, I am enjoying the process. 

On my wheel is:
Some color changing BFL from FatCatKnits in the colorway Wizard Island.  I am spinning 16 oz total, with plans to knit 2 shawls.  These will go to 2 of the preschool teachers at BG's preschool.  They admired my shawl last year, and I'm a push over, I know!  (Not sure that I have mentioned it, but this year I am volunteering full time at preschool.  So, I am getting to know these ladies more, and am enjoying myself immensely.  The kids are so...well, as Art Linkletter said "Kids say the darnedest thing!".  I'm having lots of fun, and BG seems to enjoy me being there too.  But....I digress.  
The bobbin on the left is the first completed 4oz braid.  It starts with purple, moves thru several greens and blues and back to deep purple.  The fiber chunks is what I have left to spin of the 2nd 4oz.  I may knit the 1st. shawl before I spin the rest of the fiber.  We'll see.  My wrist is a bit sore from spinning.  Actually from some crocheting that I did....got things stirred up.  I know better than to crochet.....sigh.....

His third teacher has requested a pair of fun socks.  So, I have a skein of Berroco Sox in red/purple crazy self striping coming my way.  In all the sock yarn that I had, I failed to have bright red!!!  Never fails....  :)

In the mail, I received:

These as a nice little surprise!  The same day that I took my DIL's package to the post office, I received a little care package from her!!!  How cool is that!  I look forward to knitting some crazy striped socks with the zauberball.  I think I will do the technique where you knit from both inside and outside of the ball, so the stripes are ever-changing.  Kind of like the striped Noro scarf we were all making a few years back.  Hope you understand what I am talking about.  Anyway....it's bouncing around in my head.  Sometimes being monogamous is difficult.

And what's old is new again:

Years ago, as in 30-35, I was a quilter.   This wall hanging has been in storage for years...and I have had a desire for a new one.  For all my trying, I could not get it to leave my brain.  So, last weekend I gave in and when fabric shopping.

(ignore the striped fabric in the above photo - it's my ironing board cover).  These are the fabrics that I decided upon.  The farthest to the left is dark brown, not green, as it looks.  I considered making it a scrappy - more haphazard combination, but the more I picked out fat-quarters, the more confused I became.  I had figured my yardage for making a planned quilt, and decided (after spending way too much time debating) to go with my original plan.  Log Cabin has always been my favorite quilt pattern, and I think the dramatic contrast between the lights and darks will be striking.  At least that's the plan, and I'm sticking to it! 

I have the fabrics all edge zigzagged, washed, ironed, and ready to cut.  My quilting experience pre-dates rotary cutters, but never fear - I have ventured into the new age a tiny bit.  But, this will be hand-quilted.  My grandma would surely send thunder clouds my way if I were to even think about machine quilting!!!  She always had a huge long quilt frame that ran the length of her house between her living room and dining room.  I'm not that crazy devoted, my quilting frame being a large oval on legs, but I did find it and once the cob-webs are removed, I think it will work just fine.  I'll keep you posted! 

And on the reading front:
A most delightful book!  I listen to a podcast Books on the Night Stand, and recently they reviewed this book.  So, my trusty library got it for me.  I'm about 1/2 way thru it, and a total delight.  Makes me remember my imaginary friend, Sally.  She was with me for quite some time.  Years even.  I don't remember, but a recent conversation with my mom confirmed my memory of her being around quite a while.  Do any of you have long-lost friends.  Just think about it......

Enjoy - life.  k


Nancy said...

You will love knitting with the Crazy Zauberball. The ones I made were completely different as the color sections don't repeat like a typical striped yarn. Enjoy

Judy S. said...

Wow, you have been busy! Love the socks. And you're getting back into quilting...more projects, eh? Those preschool teachers must really be special for you to knit them shawls!

KnittySue said...

Oh you've sparked my packed away quilting mojo...I also love the log cabin. I haven't quilted since arthur invaded my hands in a big way 8 or so years ago. I will be making another..when I have more time to do it that is. Can't wait to see your progress..and I love your fabric choices.