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Sunday, December 09, 2012

Counting down....

Yes, the countdown has begun.....

BG is enjoying (and better understanding this year) the advent calender, and each day he wants to add a few more decorations around the house.  I don't like to decorate too early, as by the 25th, I am sick of all the festive "clutter" around the house.  So, the 10th is my normal target date.  Sometimes though, you just have to go with the enthusiasm that abounds.

Yesterday, I managed to assemble THE TREE.

I'm not sold on it, but I do feel that it was the best tree that I could find.  It looks pretty "real" (in person anyway), but far from our normal choice in trees.  I usually spend hours hunting for the perfect Charlie Brown tree.  This is too perfect for my taste, and I'm not sure where all my ornaments will hang.  Our house does smell like pine though.  A friend gave me a canister of little scent sticks that you hang in the tree (like hidden ornaments) and they most certainly do work!

My task for later today is decorate it.  And then work on falling in love with it.  LOL.  The lady at the store tried to tell me how to bend and arrange the branch tips to accommodate the ornaments hanging nicely.  This guy has waited in my china cabinet all year.  He was a gift last year, and I had no tree at all last year - so he's waited quite awhile for a proper display.  Most of our ornaments are Hallmarks - and some kind of heavy.  I am concerned, but hoping it works out ok.

I do have to think/remember the benefits of an artificial tree.  One large one is that Sofee seems to be getting over her allergies.  She has not had any antihistamines for 4 or 5 days, with minimal problems.  She is normally doing better about now, and the real tree sets her back for another month or so.  So, for that.....I LOVE this tree!

She had her semi-annual vet appointment last week.  Now that she is a "senior"  (7 1/2  yrs of age I guess is that magic number), she needs to go every 6 months.  Yearly blood work is advised, along with all the regular stuff.  She has a potassium deficiency, so she is now on a banana regiment.  She loves it!  Her weight is down to 3LB 13 oz though....not sure why, but the vet was not concerned.  She's enjoying the extra kibble I'm giving her.  She passed her dental exam....those daily teeth bushing sessions are paying off.  I'm trying to avoid anesthetic for dental cleaning if possible - she's so tiny.

The knitting content can't be shared this week.  Holiday knitting, you know...... but trust me, I was productive!  I need to finish the beaded bracelet for my DIL today, so that I can send it in their Christmas box - which I want to mail out tomorrow.  I must admit that I have procrastinated where it comes to that project.  I just need to do it.

And, I've been dreaming of my next project, after the holidays.  Do you have an all-time favorite project?  I do.  Totally enjoyed the process, and it's my favorite item to wear.

  St. Brigit by Alice Starmore.  I'm going to make another one after the holidays.  It's heavy and warm, and is the most wonderful sweater.  Yep - another one of these.  That's the plan!  (Wish I had that brown hair back.....total salt/pepper now.  I think that was taken in 2008 - on a trip to Colorado.  Great hiking sweater).

Off to decorate that tree......  Enjoy YOUR countdown.  :)


Katnitsox said...

I think you will like the tree, once it is decorated. nd especially if it is easier on Sofee. Love the sweater!

Missouristar said...

Your sweater is beautiful! It's been on my wish list to knit for a long time, but alas I would probably not get as much wear out of it around here.