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Saturday, December 01, 2012

During this past week.....

Besides several doctor appointments, (yes, the body is falling apart now that I'm over 60!), I do have a few things to share with you......

I have Summer Wind finished.  The yarn has a bit of cashmere in it, and is delightfully soft.  Love it!

While the scarf/cowl reads brown, the little pops of color add interest, and added to the joy of knitting the project.  Loved to see the colors jump on the needles.

I've made several little knitted gift bags - which will eventually be filled with little treasures.

I've just been winging the pattern, each one a little different.  Bits and bobs of handspun left-overs are being used.  Fun, fast, and hopefully folks will like them.

I am continuing to make little "project bags".  These will all be adopted out - and probably more to come.  They are so much fun to sew up, and I am enjoying picking out the fabrics.  Obviously, I am in a blue/brown mood right now.  The two on the right are using an Indonesian fabric line that I found at the store.  Love them...kind of batik, but not quite. 

And, did I mention that Santa came to my house early?  Well, I did help just a little.....

I have been hearing lots of rave reviews for the new Chiagoo Interchangable needle set.  So, on somewhat of a whim, I tried to locate a set online.  No luck!  So, a quick call to my LYS put me on a waiting list for one of their already ordered supply.  In just a couple of days, I got a call to pick them up!  Cool huh!

I purchased the "complete" set, needles ranging in size US 2 to US 15.  I really love the case, and all the attention to detail.  Each needle has the size etched onto the needle.  Cables come in small and large size - to correspond to the smaller or larger needle sizes.   Lots of other cable sizes and even needle sizes are available.  I plan on ordering the 1.5 US (2.5mm) set soon.  They are the only interchangeable set that comes with such small needle sizes! 

The outside pocket (where I will store the cables) came stuffed with stitch markers, needle gauge, Inventory list, cable connectors and end stops, etc.  Guess they left out the yarn, but other than that, any knitter would be good to go!  I've not had the opportunity to play with them yet, but I think I will love them.  I have connected them and the joins seem solid and oh so smooth!  Love the feel of the cable.....  Hoping for a long love affair, but guess time will tell.  Hopefully I can join the ranks of those writing positive reviews.

Well, guess that's about it.  Still no moisture here in our neck of the woods.  The drought continues.  And, while it is nice, we are unseasonably warm also.  We really need a long cold wet winter, to try to normalize a few things.  Bugs in trees, that sort of thing.  Sigh....  guess it's not in my control.....

Oh - I do need to leave you with this.  The "Knight Master" and I made a stop at the Dollar Tree.  AKA - "The Money Store".  His favorite place to shop, I do believe.  Look what $2 will buy!

 The fierce look is worth the money alone!  He truly brightens my world - every day! 

Have a good one..... catch ya next week. 


Nancy said...

The scarf is gorgeous - I love the colors and the pattern.

Is the needle case sold separately?

Liana said...

Love, love, love your purchase of the ChiaGoo needle set. I've been eyeing it myself so kudos to you for finding it. I'll look forward to an update on how you like them.

BG is just adorable and I'm sure you treasure his presence every day.

Missouristar said...

That picture of BG is absolutely priceless!! I'm drooling over your needles. How are the tips? I do so love the Knit Picks needles for their pointy tips, but the joins on the cables can be problematic.

Lynn said...

I love your scarf/cowl!!! I really like how the colors add a little dimension to the brown. And OMG your grandson is too cute for words!!! And he's gotten so big!!!!

Judy S. said...

Love that yarn. Did you spin it? Great photo!