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Sunday, December 16, 2012

No more bird photos.....

Promise!  I must admit that I am smitten with his sheer rarity, but you've all seen enough "Yellow Red Bird" photos.  (As BG calls him.)

But....I will subject you to a few more Christmas tree snaps....

I don't do garland or anything - just lights and ornaments.  Most of the ornaments are Hallmark, so some are quite heavy.  It was a bit challenging getting them to hang right on such a dense tree, but it was doable.   I've collected Hallmark ornaments since 1976, my son's first Christmas.  Both he and my daughter now have their collections, and this tree is decorated with others that we have added over the years.  Each brings to mind such nice memories..... 

I do think I like the tree, and will adjust.  BG assured me that it is a "Real Christmas Tree! Grandma", so indeed it must be just that!

Thanks to all of you who wrote with reassurance and encouragement that all would be ok.  :)

Not a lot of  crafting or knitting content this week.  None that I can share anyway.  I managed to get the bracelet finished for my DIL, and sent off with their gift box earlier in the week.

I took this photo in process, but failed to get one of the completed project.  I'll probably not be doing anymore of these anytime soon.  A little too tedious for me, I fear.  (Unless of course, she asks....and then I'll jump to it!  LOL).  I think I mentioned that the original skein of yarn had a join, but when contacted, the designer sent me a new yarn out very quickly.  So, I recommend her kits - great customer service.

And, as the Christmas  knitting and crafting is meeting all deadlines.... well, I must be nuts!

What WAS I thinking?

Yep a puzzle!  I haven't done a puzzle for, I can't remember how long it's been!  But, I started one this morning.  One of the gals from my knitting group invited us to her home a couple of weeks ago.  In the tour of her stash area, we couldn't help but notice that her basement walls were paneled with finished puzzles.  It was quite amazing!!!!  Walls - BIG walls totally covered!  Ever since then, I have had a desire to make a puzzle.  No....not line my walls with them, just one little puzzle.  I thought I would start with an easy one, since this is only 550 pieces, and such bright colors.....would be fun.  I do think that this may be able to such more time from my day than even surfing the internet!  We'll see how long it takes me - IF I manage to complete it.  I help the preschoolers with their puzzles all the time.  I imagine BG will be willing to help me when he gets here in the morning.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention how heavy my heart has been since Friday.  BG and I had just gotten home from preschool, had lunch, and I'd just put him down for his rest/nap time when I turned on the TV and heard the horrible news.  He didn't take a nap that day, I had to get him up and hug, snuggle, play, love him!  I'm sure we've all hugged our kids and grand-kids a little tighter these last few days.  I can't make sense out of it - any of the all too many violent acts our society has to deal with.  No answers or wise words will be found here.  Just thoughts of sympathy for all the families....  and sadness that we live in such a messed up world.....

But, I don't want to leave you on a sad note.... So, how about a look at one of these little (ummm - chubby) guys waiting for a handout of grub! 

 I think the premium bird food agrees with him, don't you???  This is just one of many, but this one doesn't even run away when Sofee goes outside.  Perhaps he's too fat? 

Oh...and the big news!  I almost forgot.  The hubbs officially submitted his retirement papers!  He's joining the ranks of the retired on Feb. 1st!  It was a tough decision for him.....one that he's spent a great deal of time making.  But, the time is right.  He deserves some R and R.  I'm sure we'll drive each other nuts occasionally, but hopefully we'll make this new stage in our lives an enjoyable one, like all the rest.  We've been married 43 yrs this July.  WOW....and I'm so young...... ;)

Take care - "talk" to you next weekend.   


Judy S. said...

I love your yellow red bird photos! We don't have cardinals here of any kind sadly. Nice bracelet; they are a fun break from "normal" knitting IMHO. Your tree looks great! Ours is still outside but a little bigger this year. Hope it's not too heavy to bring in......Congrats to your DH on his impending retirement. He won't regret it!

Katnitsox said...

The tree is wonderful! It looks so real! I hope next year Daisy will be old enough to have our big tree up. She is too much of a puppy now. Your husband will love his retirement, mine does!

Marguerite said...

Beautiful tree Kathy. And the puzzle looks like fun. It's been years since I've done one. Used to do them to relax when work was stressful.

Your husband will love being retired. The only downside is that the years seem to go by even faster than before.

Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2013 with so many new things happening.

Liana said...

You're going to have company during retirement. I'm so glad that your husband decided to take the plunge as well, you guys will have fun!!

Loving the tree, I love the way it's decorated. You definitely don't need garland.

I'll miss yuor yellow bird photos, they really were cool.

Have a Merry Christmas!

L. said...

Wow, this squirrel hasn't missed ANY meals, has he? :)

Seeing your puzzle made me think of my dear aunt who was more like a sister to me (we were only 8 years apart in age) and passed away at a very young 57 from a stroke of all things! She loved doing puzzles and always had one on the go, usually intricate ones with 1000 to 1500 pieces, yikes!

Your tree looks lovely and congrats on your husbands upcoming retirement.....soon, he'll wonder where he found the time to work, LOL.