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Friday, December 21, 2012

OK - so on occasion I do tell a little white lie......

But, we woke to a winter wonderland today......and they are just sooo pretty against a white backdrop!

Such a fat puffed out chest.  It was COLD out there!
Either of these two would make gorgeous Christmas cards, I think.  
Too bad I send out very few anymore. 

This guy just made a nest and moved into the tree directly above our patio/feeding area.  He's up first and gets the best grub before the other squirrels are even awake and stirring.  Smart little guy!

It's more than 24 hours later now!  We have been without internet access.  In fact, I lost it while in the process of uploading these photos.  We lost power for a few hours, but nothing too significant.  Being without internet though is somewhat concerning.  It's amazing how much one comes to depend on it.  Such as.....recipes.  I sat down to make out a list of ingredients, only to realize that several of my recipes were stored online.  Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned there.....

Anyway....back to this update.  We now have a beautiful layer of fresh snow, roads are improving, BG has been out playing in the snow with Grandpa.  A pretty nice Friday so far for us.  Earlier this week, the preschool had their Christmas program.  There were 27 stars, but of course, as a typical grandma, one shone brighter in my opinion....LOL.

There was some serious bell ringing, and he was chosen to be one of the three Wisemen! 
As far as I know, he only dropped and the baby's gift once, and he managed to stay upright the entire time. During practices he insisted that as a wiseman he should kneel (as portrayed in my Nativity set) but this particular wiseman needs a little more height, or he would disappear completely if he knelt.

On the knitting front, I am working on a pair of Christmas socks for me, but also nursing (ignoring actually) a pretty nasty cold, so seems I am doing extra sleeping more often than Christmas sock knitting.  The original goal was that I would finish them in time to wear on the 24th (our day of celebration), but not sure that's going to happen. 

Take care.....  I'm off schedule for blogging this week, but those darn birds.....made me do it! 


Katnitsox said...

Look at those LONG eyelashes on that beautiful boy!

Liana said...

Beautiful snapshots of the bright and colorful birds against that white snow. Love it. BG is so adorable, just makes you want to gobble him up. :-)
Enjoy your holiday with family. I know they aren't all there but you'll enjoy nonetheless.

L. said...

I love seeing the snow and you're right, that the birds show off their colors more vividly against the frosty white background. Oh, how I wish it would snow here but the lowest temp we've had is 46 which isn't even close to cold enough.

BG is so cute and don't you love their Christmas shows at that age.

Judy S. said...

You can post all the BG and bird photos you want; I love 'em all! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jean said...

Your photos are wonderful. Finally getting around to reading my favortie blogs. This is my late Christmas present to me. I love your blog and cannot believe how BG has grown - Wow!