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Saturday, January 26, 2013

This and that....

Just a note of thanks for the nice comments and messages I received regarding my finished sweater.  (I promise NO MORE PHOTOS!).  Thanks for putting up with my enthusiasm.  ;)  I've worn it several times....it's a keeper! 

So, for new and or finished projects this week:

I finished the "Cut and Paste" socks.  I like how they came out, but it was a frustrating process. 
This experience may have satisfied my desire for self-striping socks for awhile.  We'll see.

Oh...well, guess I actually already have a pair on the needles.....
A little more free, relaxed stripes though.  And, I'm not even matching the two socks....so guess this is a different animal all together.  These (obviously) are socks for BG.  Mom said he needed more, and I already had 3 skeins of yarn that I had bought specifically for him in mind.  I can get a pair of socks his size out of a 50 grm skein.  Regia has some of their colorways in small skeins, and I find Regia to be almost as durable and long wearing as Opal.  He tried this sock on for me yesterday, and looks like a good fit.  My goal is to have them complete by next Thursday.  He's coming home with me after preschool (mom has an appointment).  So, looking forward to that!

I had a fun day last week - the day after turning yet another year older.  A fun fiber day was just what I needed to cheer me up a bit!  LOL.  And, of course the b-day gift Kathy brought for me helped quite a bit too!  Thanks Kathy!
 Fiber from FatCatKnits!  What more could a girl ask for!!!  Lovely color-ways, and my favorite fiber - BFL.  What a nice surprise!

During our little fiber soiree, I N-plied 2 oz of singles into this fingering weight skein of yarn:
My intention was to spin an equal amount of undyed yarn, and knit it into colorwork mittens, but yesterday evening, while looking through my left-over handspun bin, I found adequate skeins for the project(s). 
So, I started a pair with the lower ball of yarn earlier today.  I'm using natural BFL as the background color rather than the darker verigated BFL fiber used in the mitten shown above.  Those are one of my favorite pairs of mittens, and I have two friends who would enjoy receiving mittens.  One has asked for brown/blues and the other one greens.  Looks like I'll have adequate yarns without spinning any additional fiber right now.  Using up stash is nice - whether it's handspun or commercial yarns.
This is what I have so far, and I like it!  Probably not as much as with the darker background, as I love the old, antique look it provides, but this will work, just fine!

I received another project in the mail today, and DD wants some wool socks.......so lots of knitting in my immediate future. 

The hubbs is still on target for retirement at the end of February.  I think I'm getting nervous.....I need to stop listening to people with their adjustment stories!!!  I'm hoping for a cleaned up basement, after he has a few weeks of catching up on lots of sleep.  We'll see how that goes......  (not holding my breath!)  :)

Take care -- hope everyone has a great week. 


Katnitsox said...

I am glad I could add to your birthday!!! What fun we have together!! Love the mittens!

Missouristar said...

As always, your knitting and spinning is spot on perfect! My hubby retired about 8 years ago and hasn't stopped smiling since. There was absolutely no period of adjustment. I worked for an additional 5 years, so he was a house husband. Now we're both retired and we love it!