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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Fractured, but not complaining.....

I rarely work on more than one project at a time.  If I find myself with several projects on the needles at the same time, it usually drives me a bit crazy.  But....my current situation is a deviation from the norm, which pleasantly surprises me! 

Since I last posted, I have BG's socks finished.  They turned out quite cute and "boyish", I think. 
The yarn was a special juvenile line Regia had a couple of years ago.  Most were not very masculine looking, so I only bought one skein.
In my current search online, I have discovered that they have come out with a 25gm ball skeins - just enough for baby socks.  I need 50 gr for him, so two skeins would do it but not a great selection of boyish colors.  And, I do have several 50 gm balls of yarn already earmarked for his socks.  The have even received his stamp of approval. So, I suppose I should resist.  (Stash...Stash....Stash.  my 2013 mantra).  It's a unique concept though - 25 gm skeins, not knitting from my stash. 

Anyway, he seemed pleased with the socks.
and promptly gave me a sticker on my knitting tool case, for a "Good Job, Grandma!". 
I felt pretty pleased, and honored!  The tool case has seen it's better day, and since I have 2 more waiting in the wings as replacements.....now would probably be a good time to put it aside, as a keepsake.  But...it's kind of like that most favorite T-shirt.  Plus, it was a gift from a good friend.  So....I'll probably continue to use the case, and smile each time I see the sticker. 

My DD has asked for a pair of socks.  She rarely asks for knitted items, so of course, I wasted no time in getting a pair on the needles.  I wanted machine wash and dry, so my thoughts went to the Opal stash.  I pulled out several skeins, and she chose this one.
Probably the most vintage of them all.  (Deep Stash!).  I thought it was pretty ugly, and was shocked that she picked it, but as I have knit with it the last couple of days, well, I've grown to really like it!
It's fun, happy, enjoyable, and matching the 2 socks will be easy peasy.  I'm just breaking the construction segments at obvious color changes.  My favorite way of matching up socks.  Hopefully these will fit her nicely.  She has very wide, but short feet, so I am modifying my normal stitch count, etc. 

I have one of the colorwork mittens complete (sans thumb.  I will add those after both mitts are finished - matching up the color flow best I can). 

The 2nd mitten was cast on, and the cuff completed at knitting group last Thursday.  If I could knit with only one type of yarn/pattern, it would be colorwork with handspun.  I love to watch the color progression.  It's so much fun to spin beautifully dyed fiber up into random color runs, and then start knitting and Surprise.....this is what you get!  FUN! 

Several people have asked about the pattern.  It can be found in this little mitten booklet.
I've had this since 1991, but I would hope that it is still available.  It's kind of a recipe book, with more generic pattern charts included.  I enjoy digging through it and have found some very nice designs.

And, while we are speaking of mitten books...  I stopped by our local Half-Price Books store the other day and was amazed by the large and varied collection of knitting books available.  I was especially surprised to see this book available for a very VERY reduced price!
I feel this book has gorgeous designs, but for some reason never got it's due respect shown.  So....if you have a Half-Price book store nearby, you might what to give a check.  Or, perhaps online?  If that is, you are interested in this book.  I really cherish my copy.

And, now the final project that I am working on.  This beautiful shawl.  The marker in the middle marks where I started today's progress.  It's moving fairly quickly.....
The pattern is Creedence, and the yarn is a Merino, Nylong, Cashmere blend DK weight by MarigoldJen.  Both are gorgeous, and merge the two.....heaven for this knitter!
This is getting most of my attention, although I am bouncing between all three projects without making my head spin at all.  Strange, but quite pleasant. 

So....guess I'll hush for now.  It's been cold here.  As in 4 degrees below zero when I went off to preschool Wednesday morning.  Crazy!  My New Mexico son called last evening.  He had been out running - in shorts no less.  He is a sun worshiper.....don't think he'll be moving back to Iowa anytime soon.  Sigh.....  DH and I need to go south for the winters......I Do know of a nice little place in New Mexico...... 


Anonymous said...

thanks for share.

Katnitsox said...

Love the socks for BG. I really like the way the others are knitting up. Good job as usual!

Sue said...

BG's little socks are so cute! And the sticker he gave you? That made me smile-you will never get rid of that case! Those little grandkids...they really know how to get to us, don't they? :) He is a lucky little guy to have handknit socks made especially for him by his grandma!