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Saturday, May 18, 2013

And, yet ANOTHER wheel!

Last Thursday night, one of my knitting/spinning friends brought a gift for me.  She found this lamp at a garage sale, and thought of me.  Isn't it just oh so cute!
She said she was taken by it from a distance, but when she got up close, and discovered that it actually worked.....
The treadle moves up and down,

which in turn spins the wheel,
which in turn spins the little bobbin!
She just HAD to buy it for me!  Yes...she is a terrific and thoughtful friend. She recently bought her first real spinning wheel, and I am helping her learn how to spin.  It is a "Thank-You" gift, and one that could not be more perfect!  I LOVE it!

The Hubbs asked if there was any "made in ???" marking on it, and so we looked it over good....found no markings at all - but I guess it did make me a bit curious. Today,  I did a google search "Spinning wheel lamp", and yes....you can find anything on the internet!.  
I found several for sale on Ebay and even Etsy, but the most interesting post was on a woodworkers site.  A gentleman had posted a photo of one very similar, stating that he had made it in a shop class in high school back in the 60's.  He was hunting for the original plans, so that he could make some authentic repairs before he passed it on to his daughter.

I eventually found some great information on a woodworker;s blog.  Here is the link - please check it out.   If you scroll down a bit, you will find a link "Spinnng Wheel plans High Resolution". Open that, and you can click on and enlarge the blueprint, and read about the lamp.  Such fun!  I feel a little rush....the "Roadshow Antiques" kind of rush.  If you will notice, the original plans were from a 1934 magazine.

I would love to have a little information pertaining to MY particular little lamp, but whatever it's history, it now has a prestigious new home atop a circa 1925ish bookcase handmade by my grandfather.  It holds my knittng and spinning books and magazines.  A very special place in my craft room - and it will be used every morning.  I'm an early riser, and it's the first light turned on in my house each day.  Thanks Paula....I so appreciate this little gem!


Liana said...

How cool is that!!!!! I would love to see a picture of it on top of your bookcase with the lamp on, will you do that?
An excellent friend indeed!

Anonymous said...

That lamp is too stinkin' cute. What a great friend you have! Jill

Judy S. said...

What a fun lamp! And a very nice friend.