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Friday, May 24, 2013

Per Special Request.....

Laina asked that I post a photo of the bookcase that I mentioned in my previous blog post.  I do so with a certain amount of trepidation..... It's probably "tacky" in many ways, but I do love it. 
Every edge is worn, and I probably need to sand it down and refinish it to make it look more presentable, but for me, that would remove so much of the character.

This housed my grandfather's set of encyclopedias when I was a little girl, and they were nothing if not a treasure trove full of wonderment!  And, then there was my grandma's constant concern that I would make the entire bookcase topple over on top of myself whenever I got within a 3-foot radius of it.  Grandmas and their concerns and worries.  How I can relate at this point in my life.  Anyway, there you go, Laina.  I have several other pieces of equally beautiful, (lol) and memory filled items around my house.  I'll share a couple of others sometime. 

Right  now, I'll tell you about what sits along side my spinning wheel lamp up there on top:
Back in my pottery making days, this is actually a casserole dish that I made.  One of my favorite pieces actually, and one of just a few that I still have.
I use it to store little Yankee candles.  I usually have one burning in here - my "woman's cave" as the hubbs calls it.  Everybody needs a place to call their own!  :)

So....back to the "knittin" of this blog:
The giant socks are finished.  They fit, and he seems quite happy with them!  I was glad to have them finished, as I really don't like the look of the yarn.  Not sure why - perhaps just too bland, and the crazy striping part (zebra??), well, I'm just glad he seems to like them.  Goes to show that even after being married to someone for 43 years, he can surprise you!

I must admit that most of my free time has been monopolized by my new spinning wheel.
Each one of these small skeins is an ounce of fiber - the white one on the left is 2oz..  I had some "sampler" packs that I bought back when I got my first wheel - when I had no idea what I was buying.  So, the prep on these wools was not very good, and the type of wool is unknown, but for some reason, I started spinning on these as a "test and trial" project to get acquainted with my new wheel.  Not sure what (if anything) I will do with the finished yarns.  I played with the Double Drive set up on my wheel, as well as Scotch Tension.  And, I discovered that I can also run it in "Irish Tension".  Who knew - I'd never even heard of Irish Tension before, but I think I will really like it for plying.  What I have always heard about the Schacht Matchless being the BMW of spinning wheels  is true!  It's so lovely to use.  I think we're going to have a long and lasting relationship.  Since I'm a Honda girl at heart though, my Lendrum still owns a happy corner of my room - and in my heart.  I don't plan on us parting ways anytime soon.

Except for finishing the socks, the only knitting that I have done this week is a little felted bag for my new wheel.
Before the felting process:  Knit from scraps of Cascade 220. 
And after:  I have a "gentle front loader" type of washing machine, but still have success in felting.  I have an old pair of tennis shoes that I used exclusively for felting.  I throw them in with a couple of big towels, and let the machine do it's thing.  It takes two cycles, but I do manage to get a good felting accomplished. 
Just the right size for a little bottle of oil, scissors, and some balls of yarn for tying skeins of yarn. 

Next on the schedule is that I MUST finish my Breckon sweater.  I MUST.  MUST.

For the Chihuahua lovers out there....(you know who you are!)
Barnes and Noble has Friday specials available for their Nook users.  Last week, their weekly email told me about this book.  Apparently it's first in a series of books by this author.  For $.99, I could not resist.  I'm not too far into it, but so far it's cute.  Totally light and frivolous, but a "right before bedtime" escape reading type of book.  Chihuahua fans might get a grin or giggle...... 

BG1 graduated from preschool last night.  It was a non-traditional graduation in that they had a small ceremony, received their diplomas, and then there was an old fashioned Fun Night!  Remember those?  Face Painting, Shaped Balloons, and Silly Games - complete with worthless (but much coveted) prizes.  My photos were most disappointing.  Guess all those kids giving "miss kathy" good by hugs was a distraction to me....so when I actually looked at my camera's content, well I fell sadly short.  :(  I know his parents got some good photos though..... )
By this time, we had moved to the refreshment stage of the event, and he was into making funny faces whenever he saw a camera.  Ahhhh...what a corker!  Kindergarten starts on July 25th.  Blink....5 years gone!  Hold onto your hats.......... 

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Lynn said...

He's starting kindergarten?!?!? WOW that was quick! He's a handsome little dude and I love that pic! Great personality.