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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tulip time!

Whoops!  What happened to those last seven days!  I can't believe it's been a week since I posted already.  Sheeesh....no wonder I fall off the "blog wagon" so often!

It's suppose to frost tonight.  The Hubbs will be out covering his tomato plants.  Yes - they are in the ground.  And, I just heard the forecast for later in the week.....90 degrees on Tuesday.  Go figure!!!!

So, what's been happening this last week?

Well...the meager row of tulips along the front of my house are in full bloom now.  We really love the color - the hubbs favorite color for tulips. (I think I mentioned that he likes orange.)
I wish I had tons more, but probably should be grateful (and I am) that the squirrels did not consume these long before they ever thought about producing color.

I'm making progress on the gentle giant socks.
They fit him perfectly, and he seems to like them.  My hands have become more accustomed to the smaller needles, and they are no longer aching, so I'm good with this project, and will march onward. I was having alot of hand pain.  I usually knit socks on 2.25mm, so I would not think dropping down to 2.0 mm would make that much difference, but it seemed to.

I had a nice post delivery yesterday:
I won this skein of Lisa Souza's "Baby Alpaca Silk".  7.2 oz/750 yards of a dk weight yarn.  So soft and luscious!  I always say that I never win anything.....but I have actually won yarn twice from the "DramaticKnits" podcast.  Lightening does strike twice - at times.  Thanks Steve! This is destined to be a shawl of some sort.  It's soooo soft!  Amazing!

And an update about the wheel.....It is somewhere between Colorado and Iowa.  Arrival expected on Monday.  I can hardly wait.  I'll be sure to post photos.  I just know it's going to be beautiful! 

And now, for the best news possible.  My New Mexico kids are here for a visit!  (Our son and his wife).
We took all four of the kids and BG1 out to dinner on Thursday evening.  We all like Thai food - the spicier the better it seems!  Yum!  Friday, I had taken off from Preschool, as I had cleared my calender for the few short days that they would be here.   So, although the official Tulip Time celebration was held last weekend (under a substantial blanket of snow!) we headed to Pella to see the beautiful tulips.
It is a small town full of Dutch heritage and pride.  This is a museum, about the only place in town that is not surrounded by flowering trees and gorgeous beds of tulips.
The hubbs and I usually go every year, but this year it was especially fun to have the kids along.
I'm not sure what was more beautiful, the tulips or the trees.
The fancy varieties of tulips made my meager specimens look like, well.....meager specimens.

We took photos of Tulips, and....
photos of us taking photos of tulips.

And some of us were just plain.....

Silly! He always was the entertainer in the family

It was a good day!  I hope you all have equally enjoyable days this weekend.  Talk to you soon.... k


Missouristar said...

Love the tulips! Our area is known for its commercial tulip and daffodil fields. I really need to post pictures some day. Our yard is sadly lacking. We can't have tulips because the rabbits eat them, but every year I determine to have daffodils and forget! So nice to see pictures of your lovely family!

Judy S. said...

Beautiful photos, Kathy. It's nice to have you back. Those squirrels sure have gourmet appetites, don't they. (Rabbits also.)

SpinZen said...

And most amazing of all, the striping on the socks is a perfect match! It's so wonderful to have your family around you!