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Saturday, May 04, 2013

Long, Long ago.....

In a time before Ravelry.... (Gasp!).....  This is how I kept track of my knitting projects:
I cannot tell you how happy I was when I discovered just how complete my notes were for a pair of socks that I knit for the Hubbs back in 2006!
I remembered that I needed two 100 gm skeins, and that they were large and pretty boring, but that was about the extent of my memory.  When I decided that he deserved another pair of wool socks, (as he had been asking, and he actually still wears the 2006 version) I had him join me in looking at Opal colorways online.  He picked out this black/greys Rainforest colorway - the animal is Raccoon, and his comment was that he liked raccoons.  So......
After casting on 96 st on size 2.25mm needle, and changing to a 2.00mm at the 3" mark, this is what I have so far:
He wanted a snug, dense sock, which is why I'm using such ridiculously small needles.  I will do the heel and toe on size US 00! I remember how diffiuclt it was to formulate a pattern, but he really liked the final outcome.  Again - I am so grateful that I had kept good records.  In this yarn, I currently see more of a Zebra than Raccoon, but I'm not pointing that out right now.  It's a pretty boring knit, and so HUGE!!!  But, he's well worth it!

During the local Shop Hop last week, I noticed this Opal colorway.  I returned to the LYS this morning and picked up two skeins.  Orange is his favorite color, and I'm hoping that it's not too wild for him.   Again it's a Rainforest colorway, the animal is some sort of a baboon.  I probably won't even mention that, however.  ;)
I think it's beautiful!  I'm going to start a sock for him, and when I have the 9" leg complete, have him try it on and give his blessing or his thumbs down.  He's retired....he can be wild and live a little!  lol 
If he is not pleased, I'll frog and reknit a pair for myself and return the 2nd skein to my LYS. 
 Oh, and this past week, I did finish a pair of Opals for myself. 
It's a difficult colorway to photograph.  I failed miserably to capture it correctly, but believe me when I say it is a pretty one. 
I've been on such a sock kick of late, I wanted to take advantage of it while it was there to knit up these socks for the Hubbs.  It takes a bit of fortitude to knit such huge and tightly knit socks.  But he loves the one pair that I knit him, all those many years ago.  I fondly named them the "Manly Giant" socks.  LOL - kind of fits!

I am anxiously awaiting news on my new spinning wheel.  Sadly.....nothing yet.  I'll give them another week, and then give them a call.  It was supposed to be shipped last week, so I'm on pins and needles!

I played around with my car again today, and managed to upload a photo of BG1 onto my console screen.  I'm looking forward to the first time he's in the back seat and notices his smiley face on my car's instrument panel.  I think he'll approve!  :)
Pretty much all I can think of is what a stress-buster this car would have been back in my working days.  I can almost guarantee that by the time I'd driven home from work with that photo on my dash, I'd not have had a care in the world......  LOL  Who knows, perhaps I'd still be working, had that been the case.  Maybe Honda should develop an add campaign around that theory.

Catch ya later.... Happy knitting, spinning, grand snuggling, puppy petting, or whatever brings you joy!


Liana said...

Love those socks, I'm sure Hubbs will like them too.

Glad to see you posting again and yes I think BG will definitely approve of his photo on your car dash! He will feel very important. :-)

KnittySue said...

Love love love the socks...they are my fav to knit. BG will be delighted to see his picture on your console...love it

SpinZen said...

You're right. We're both going sock crazy! Well, get them done while you're still in the zone. I'm seeing sock burnout on my horizon. But I'm thinking of a couple of cardigans...
I can't wait to see your new wheel. I hope it shows up soon!

Anonymous said...

Your knitting is beautiful. I love looking at all of your projects.