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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Funny how that works....

Lumpy, Bumpy yarn:
Knits up into Lumpy, Bumpy mittens:
They are getting a nice warm wool-wash bath.  That should help the situation a little.  But, considering the yarn I knit them with, well, not sure how they could have turned out any other way!
I've had this book since January, 2010, and always intended to knit the cover mittens, but just one of those (many) projects that I'd never gotten around to doing.  The small balls of my first spun yarns from my new wheel (mystery fiber complete with lots of neps) seemed just perfect for this pattern.
The washing did help, but they are still pretty "rustic" - but then, I guess most sheep are pretty rustic themselves.  I do like them - they fit nicely and will be warm and cozy this winter. 

Sheep are always a good thing on mittens!
Even if you have to squint (just a bit) to see them.  LOL. 

I'm kind of between new projects right now.  The Breckon body is complete, but I need to re-knit the sleeve caps.  Prior to blocking, I basted the sweater together, proving the sleeves to be too long.  I thought perhaps that would be the case, so I had completed only one sleeve - Less to rip and reknit.  I'm glad I did that now.

Besides the Breckon WIP, I am thinking (only thinking) about starting a mystery KAL - Wendy knits has a shawl KAL that started yesterday.  I purchased the pattern, but not sure if I want to start it now or not.  We'll see.....  I have two skeins of Classic Elite's Alpaca Sox that would be sufficient yardage to knit the largest size.  It's Deep - DEEP stash yarn, and it would be so nice to allow it some fresh air and sunshine, not to mention it would knit into an amazingly soft shawl.  Perhaps.....

On the schedule for July is a Mystery Mitten KAL.  Yes, I think somewhere in the archives of this blog, you will find a "No More Mystery KAL's" statement.  Almost sure of it.....but sometimes I am a slow learner.  The yarn for this project will be these:
These are from my Knitpicks stash - Palette skeins.  I am really not worried about a mystery knit with this group/designer.  She creates beautiful mittens, and rarely am I bored or disappointed with a color-work mitten project anyway.  You know me and mittens!!!

I also made a personal commitment to spin in the TourDeFleece this year.  I think I was an epic fail one other year, and other than that I have not participated.  I'm trying to refrain from spinning much between now and the end of June, so my enthusiasm will be high when the even starts.  I'll be spinning on the Schacht team and also the FatCatKnit's team, as I hope to spin up some of FCK's fiber on my Matchless.  I may spin some on my Lendrum also, and I could still count that for the FCK's team.  We'll see how it all goes.

We had BG1 for a couple of days this weekend.  He was pretty mesmerized with Granma's new toy.
After he treadled himself, he discovered what was going on on the back side of the wheel, and actually spent more time taking all that action in while I treadled.  He approved, I might add.  Oh, and just now, I remember that he told me he wanted me to knit him a Monster.  Hmmmm.....I suppose I better put that on my list.  He has a birthday later this month.  Perhaps I can create a creature of his liking. 

Take care, all, and enjoy whatever it is that you choose to do........  k

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