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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The first harvest from the garden.  Truth be known, we should have been picking it sooner, but with all the rain, I didn't even realize the garden was so far along.  It's my hubbs hobby - I just (occasionally) harvest things, and always do the preparing.  It works for us!
We have had so many rainy days....and more to come.  I think with the drought we had last year, people were praying for rain just way too much!  The answers are finally coming in this year.....  a little to an extreme, I fear.

Another "first" - the first real spinning job on my new wheel:
 My mission was a traditional 3-ply fingering weight yarn.  Hard spun, tightly plied for a good colorwork mitten yarn.
I'm pretty happy with it.  Out of 2oz, I got 210+ yards. 

Speaking of prayers, say a little one for my SofeeSu.  She had to go to the doctor last week, as she was having some tummy issues.  I think she's on the mend from that, but we got the news that she needs some dental work done.  She gets her teeth brushed daily - always has - and has an additive in her drinking water that is suppose to help cut down on plaque build up.  Her teeth look really good, but her doctor discovered that her back-most molar is loose.  So, she needs to have a dental cleaning, and xrays to see whats going on below the gum line.  And, that tooth pulled of course.  I'm sure she will do just fine, but I worry so much about the anesthetic, her being so tiny and all.  I am confident that she has a good doctor though.  The procedure is scheduled for June 6th.  She will be 8 this summer.  It doesn't seem possible.

Well, along with the salad makings, I picked some rhubarb, so off to make the hubbs a treat for dinner.  Not the first harvest of that for this year though.  We don't eat as much rhubarb as we used to.  We've cut way back on deserts, but this is a spring treat, so a couple of times will not be too bad for us.

Take care - enjoy! 

PS - I DID get back to work on my breckon.  It took me awhile to reacquaint myself with the pattern/project (which I think is why I hate going back to a hibernating project), but I'm on a roll  now.  Should be blocking it by the weekend.  Photos will come soon.....


KnittySue said...

I had to get Hawks teeth cleaned before my mastectomy...no choice. I chose the anesthetic that they can stop anytime if there is a medical emergency and when they are done he wakes up right away instead of "coming out of it". He did super..he was 9 and weighs 11# but has an enlarged heart on the right side.
Though I didn't worry co's I put it in God's hands I was so ancious and ansy. She will do well...oh and last week at his 6 month check up ..he needs them cleaned again...man little dogs and plaque.UGH.
What is it you put in her water? I think I need to go there.
Enjoy the harvest.

Lynn said...

I'm sure Sofee will be fine, but I'll be sending up some positive dental vibes that way. Going to the dentist is never any fun.

AND I love that yarn you spun! Gorgeous!