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Tuesday, July 16, 2013


First off, Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Sofee.  She was quite grateful for all the well wishes she received.  She's had a few big days, as we've been babysitting Herky, her half brother.  It's so much fun to watch the two of them....they are totally like little kids....competitive and jealous, yet they really do like each other at the same time.  FUN!

So, it's been almost 2 weeks since I posted any real knitting or spinning content on here.  There's been some major spinning going on.  This Tour De Fleece thing is fun, but I'm getting ready for it to be over!  Not sure, I may stage a flat tire tomorrow, and call it quits for this rider.  I'll see how I feel in the morning.

In the last post, I told of my attempts to separate a braid and divide the colors.   I hand-carded the fibers to blend the color, and spun those tufts of fiber. I am happy with the results.

150 yards
 250 yards
240 yards
525 yards (full braid of this color)

They are all traditional 3-ply yarns.  Tightly spun fingering weight.  I think I'll combine them into a shawl - perhaps this shawl. It calls for four colors, and I have adequate yardage.  We'll see.  It was a fun spinning project though.  Hopefully I'll find the right project.

While I am still working on the Mystery Mitten KAL, with somewhat shaky results....
The jury is out on these....  They fit, but, well, enough said.  Perhaps a miracle will happen and they will be ok when they are finished.  Not my best work, but no fault of the designer.  The pattern is great..... just poor color choices on my part.  Working blind is not always easy!

These, on the other hand, turned out much more to my liking.


I especially like the thumbs.  This is a great pattern, one that I have knit several times.  It's also FREE!  To be found on Knitty.  These were knit out of this handspun and an undyed fiber. 
I think this is my most favorite use of handspun in colorwork.  I love to see the color shifts.... fun to knit, and I think the finished items are interesting to look at, and unique.  Definitely not Walmart mittens.

Well, I think that gets things caught back up.  We had BG for an overnighter this weekend, and then drove him half way to Chicago to meet his parents.  They returned to Chicago to finish out a family vacation with him on board.  He loves Chicago!  He's especially fond of  "The Bean".  :)   It's amazing how all of a sudden, he is such a grown up boy, and not a preschooler anymore.  I can only imagine what kindergarten and a baby sister will do for his maturity level.  He's a good kid!

Currently, one of his favorite toys to play with at my house is a set of inexpensive Army Men.  So, we thought he might enjoy a trip to the local Camp Dodge Gold Star Museum.   He totally enjoyed himself! 
 Lots of vehicles to climb on, and
 And lots of imaginary missions to accomplish!
Inside the museum were lots of interactive displays.  (When he pushed the button, there was machine gun action from the fighter plan.) He had a great time!  Grandpa enjoyed it too.  ;)

Oh - and the garden.  It's going insane!  We've been giving summer squash and zuchinni away by the bagful!  To community centers, congregate meal centers, and food banks.  It's nice to have found outlets for the overflow of produce.  He planted no more than usual, it's just been the weather and adequate moisture.  Hopefully we'll have a good crop of tomatoes also.

And speaking of good crops:

This time our neighbor gave us a big bag of blueberries from his garden!  The same gent that shared his cherries.  (It tasted better than it looks)

Enjoy your days.....doing whatever makes you happy.  k


Elaine said...

Love the new yarn (especially the greens!). Can't wait to see what you make with them. I love the finished mittens and those thumbs! However, with all our heat waves (plural)and humidity, the thought of even trying on mittens makes me want to reach for a cool drink!

Judy S. said...

Love the results of your spinning, especially the Chrysanthemum mittens. They are gorgeous! BG is sure looking grown up these days. Your bb pie looks yummy!