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Saturday, July 27, 2013


He is a camera hog:
Totally enjoyed his photo-shoot.
He's knit with his undies intact.
One of the gals from knitting brought a couple of dolls she had knit to knit-night.  I was totally smitten.  She loaned me the book, and during the next week, I was obsessed with creating this guy.  The book is this one, by Arne and Carlos.
I have my own copy now, and plans of making more dolls in the near (as in this afternoon) future.  Such fun!  Yes....retirement allows for such nonsense!

Since I have Winston finished, I returned to a pair of socks, and also my Mystery mittens.  Both are finished, but the socks have yet to be blocked, so photos of them will come soon.  Here are the mittens.
 After all my doubts, I really do like them.  They look antique-ish, and old world museum-ish in a way.  They fit so very nicely.  And, I love the pattern.  This will be one that I'll make often - for gifts and such.  The designer gave several modifications for fit.  Great pattern!

Sofee is trying to take it easy - saving her energies so she can combat the allergens that will be bothering her in a couple weeks.
She has it down to a science!

And, I leave you with a parting photo.  School started this week for BG!

Have a great week - put everything you have into whatever you do!  k


torirot said...

I love Winston! And your handspun mystery mittens :-)

Did you know Arne&Carlos don't live far from me? I don't know them, though, but have met them once.

Anonymous said...

Winston is smashing! Makes me want to knit some dolls.

Jean said...

So sweet to see Sofee. I finally got the chance to catch up on my blogs. I can't believe BG has started school, it seems not so long ago when he was just a baby!

Judy S. said...

Winston is hilarious! Love those mittens too.