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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's a sock!

I think I love it! After all the battles and a few curt comments, I really like the end product! The leg and cuff were fun, and I must admit - a wonderful way of using up scrap yarns. There are 9 different yarns in this sock. My plan is to make the mate of the same yarns, but in a different order of things. So, should be fun. I may do solid darker brown for the heel. I actually have enough scraps to do a green pair, a blue pair, and perhaps a greyish pair. Enough yarn, but probably not enough time in my life to get all the projects done that are floating around in my head!!

I am also going to post a picture of a "Rose tree". It is actuallyl just an old fashioned antique rose - a "Seven Sisters". Early this spring, my grandpuppy, while enthusiasically running laps along the side of the fence, ran right into the rose bush....got caught, and what a situation he was in. Yelps and rose thorns later..., well grampa did a little trimming. Now, it looks like a rose tree indeed. But, still quite lovely, I think. Notice it's height. That is the neighbor's garage next to it. You can see it reaches up to the roof!


Anonymous said...

I love your socks. You should send some to New Mexico!!!! hehe. How long have you been knittin? I think you've finally found your true talent!!! Keep up the good work and Tell Sofee to stay away tell Sofee to stay away from the bushes.

trish said...

Great job on the sock! My you must have a lot of sock yarn leftovers to have 9 different brown/tan yarns...and enough for greens, blues and grey? Wow. But you're right...where to find the time.

The rose tree is pretty--does it have a scent?

Lisa S said...

Love the sock design. The second one should be a breeze after you have done all of the work designing on the fly like that (that is how I do sleeves...knit like crazy on the first one, make notes and then blur through the second one with number one as the guide.)
Congrats! Well don.

Anonymous said...

Great job on your color block socks. I love the colors you chose. I haven't even started mine. I may skip this KAL altogether as I have so many other projects going at once.
yours are really special tho.