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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Short Row Heel Sadness

I am making progress on my "Hippie Crunchy" socks. I am not too happy with the shallowness of the heel, however. Short-row heels are not my forte, but I feel that I accomplished this one exactly as written. I followed the very explicit direction to the "T". But, as you can see from the close-ups, along with being very shallow, the stitches look different on each side. I wonder, have I done something wrong? I don't think so. Is this just the way it is?

So far my experience with Short-row heels has not been very positive. I don't know if the shallowness is part of the design of this sock, but I think it will lack in comfort! The picture that came with the pattern is very small, and the wearer has a shoe on, so not a great deal of help there.... Perhaps the STR club KAL site will have some finished socks pictured soon.

I will forge ahead. If the finished product is not to my liking, I can always frog it entirely, and use this yarn for a different pattern. That's an option! We'll see.....


Tammy said...

Hi Kathy, I saw your post at the Sock Club KAL site. I've only done one pair of socks with the short row method. I followed the directions in the book "Simple Socks" by Priscilla Gibson Roberts. It involves some math, I think it's 20% of the stitches, but don't quote me on that. I don't have my directions in front of me. Anyways, if you can get that book at the library, I'd try it and see if it helps. You can also play around with the numbers to make the heel a little deeper.

Gale said...


I think these heels are too shallow as well. I left a comment on the KAL for you to visit knitty and have a look at the widdershins socks. They have a flap, which appears to be quite a bit longer than this heel. I will be using this heel for my socks when I get there. Happy days, Gale