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Saturday, August 05, 2006

The meaning of frustration:

Not being happy with one's knitting efforts.

My Pretty Petals are back in the disk of yarn - all frogged away. Decided to start all over. Think I have done this a couple of times already!! While I am pondering my next approach to the "petals", thought I would finish up my "Hippie Chunky" sock. It's half finished being has been beckoning me.... I don't deal well with more than one project in process at a time.

So, I do have one of the HC socks done. I like the heel now that it is done, and the fit is fine, as far as the heel is concerned. I think I would prefer a longer leg section, but I think the instructions dictated this length as this stitch pattern seems to use up a great deal of yardage.

It has a diagonal basket-weave sort of texture. It is most unfortunate that it does not show up in the picture, as it is quite attractive. I like the color way now that it is finished also.... so all is well ..... except this frustration with the PP's. I have to think about my next approach... I want to get it up to 72st, yet keep the integrity of the original stitch pattern. Hmmm.....

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HI-D said...

I think those sock/slippers are really cool!