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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Boring but Beautiful

Yes, Boring can indeed be Beautiful. Take for instance our Saturday Sky. Pretty boring, right? Wrong!! It is accompanied by sunshine and temps pressing into the 50's. That type of weather in the midwest, in December is anything but boring!! Believe me!

And, now take this nearly finished sock. That is one boring sock!! But again, pretty darn beautiful if you ask me! It fits!! Plus, the foot on which it will be worn managed to come thru another cardiac procedure yesterday - quite nicely!! He had 2 more stents put in (yes - as the FDA continues the debate as to their safety - but what's a person to do??) He is home today, and again doing well.

I tried the sock on while he was flat on his back yesterday, and chose not to finish it till I could get a "standing down" fitting. All it needs is a toe - and will be a perfect fit!! There is 5k, 1p ribbing down the leg, continuing onto the instep. I also changed needle size as I got closer to the ankle to snug it up a little - while not having the leg too tight and binding on top. My theory seemed to have worked! It appears strange, in that the foot looks bigger than the leg, but it does not have the ribbing drawing it in as much. It seems to fit him very nicely! I am going to have enough yarn with 200 grms, but very little to spare. These are tightly knit, and pretty darn huge!

They are actually moving along much quicker than I had anticipated. I do think I will have them wrapped and under the Christmas tree on time. He has promised to be shocked and awestruck!!


Marguerite said...

50 degrees! Yes!

According to the weather forecast, the nice warm front is headed our way (SW Michigan) and I can hardly wait. It's going to bring rain, but in December I'm not fussy. Any day that's over freezing and the roads aren't icy is a good weather day.

Shirley said...


I already told you how happy I am that DH's surgery went well. His socks look great and you are knitting them so fast. No doubt they will be under the tree Christmas morning and he will be totally surprised and awestruck!(vbg)

Rebecca said...

I'm busily knitting away on my husbands Railroad Socks and hope to have them finished by Christmas, too. I'm doing the same thing - knitting the foot on smaller needles. BTW, I have always liked the looks of the knit 5, purl 1 ribbing! But, these men and their HUGE feet........