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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fe, Fi, Fo, Fummm....

The giant toes are warm! And, the "manly giant socks" are finished!! Yipee! It took about 185 g of yarn, and ll days, but I did it! Not too painful. The felted clogs were made about 4-5 years ago. He still wears them - as I do mine.

Sofee, DH, and I are just enjoying a relaxing Saturday morning. At least DH and I are. Sofee is busy with her backyard squirrel patrol duties. She will never learn.... She had a nose to nose with a cat a few days ago. The cat was about 5 times bigger than she is. I think she is lucky that I interveened!!!


Marguerite said...

Nice socks. Looks like the wearer agrees.

My little dogs (14 pounds - big dogs to Sofee) wanted to go out in the middle of the night and chase a pack of coyotes who were howling across the street. Scary! Hope they never spot one when they're outside and off leash. They don't have a clue that they're appetizer to a coyote.

Artseycrafts said...

Kathy, I like everything about the "manly giant socks" and I'm sure he does too. The color is very nice.

A neighbor said they had coyotes in their back yard the other night. We often see deer but this is the first I've know of coyotes being this close.

kathy said...

Thanks Ladies!

I made him give them back, and they are now nicely tucked under the Christmas tree. His acting skills will be tested come Christmas morn.

As for coyotes, I don't THINK they are a concern in our back yard. I do worry about owls and other birds of prey, however. She is rarely off leash. She does enjoy a good squirrel chase now and again....

Small dogs think they are so fierce!