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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday, Herky!!

Herky is 2 years old now! (Yesterday was the official day). I owe a great deal to this little guy. He made me realize how much companionship, and love a dog can provide. He is my "grandpuppie", and Sofee's big (literally!) brother (or 1/2 brother to be more accurate). He is Sofee's best bud - her rough and tumble playmate. He is almost twice the size - but such a gentle soul - if need be she can put him in his place!!

Happy birthday, Mr. H. We love ya!


anna said...

Herky Turkey man is adorable! He thanks grandma for his snake toy that he loves. He also thanks Sofee for the thoughtful card.

Jennifer said...

So cute! Chihuahuas make the funniest faces, don't they?