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Saturday, December 16, 2006

On to new things.... under restless sky

I started the new KAL with the Six Sox group today. It is "Chain LinkSocks", designed by Deby Lake. WOW! Is this going to be a fun knit! I love the colors (or lack thereof) and again, I am finding the slip-stitch process magical.

I have never worked with Wildfoote before. I believe I have heard some bad reports that it splits a great deal. I can agree with that, but it is very soft. I think I will like the finished product. I purchased 5 skeins while on vacation in Colorado. I visited a LYS, and the store owner was so nice and pleasant, I felt obligated to make a purchase. Yeah - that's a good humanitarian excuse, isn't it??

I believe my NEXT project will be a child's sweater for CIC. I have really enjoyed the knitting that I have done for both CIC and Akkol. I am having a desire to knit a small sweater, in bright (??) colors. We all knowthat I don't have any grandbabies for which to knit... sniffle sniffle (my daugter reads this from time to time!!), so once again I hope that thru CIC, a child will be found who will benefit from my efforts.

While I have had this pattern since 1999, I have yet to use it. I intended to knit a "me" size version, but I am just not good with big projects. I fear I must have a short attention span.

As for the Saturday Sky: The weather is not as good today as it has been, although considering what December COULD bring to the Midwest (can you say snow!) again, we cannot complain.
The sky, however is a little unsettling. DH predicts snow this coming week.

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Deby said...

Your sock looks great with those colors. I have yet to knit a white pair of socks! I think the chains really pop with a white background. I cant wait to see the finished pair!