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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thanks .. and an update

First off, thanks to everyone for the very positive and encouraging comments you left for both my lace efforts, and the CIC colorblock sweater. You are all just too kind!!

And - a progress photo. I keep reading that this pattern is easy to memorize -- I keep waiting for my brain to believe it!! I still need to watch my chart..... Slow learner, I guess. (Also have had to tink back a few times - but so far - so good!)


Dipsy said...

Oh, this looks fantastic already - what a great pattern, and you're knitting it up so beautifully! Great work!

Anonymous said...

Well dear Pal,
I have knitted this one myself. And honestly? I didn't begin to get a rhythm until a little beyond where you are right now. And had to tink and tink again! It looks great!! Mine is still unblocked as That is my problem. I have block-phobia!! I think when I do my second one I will be ok.